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The CEO of Adeva and one of those individuals who is conscious of the importance of education in society is Katerina Trajchevska.

There are many educated leaders in this world who have cultivated a strong aura around education and its advantages. Using education and acquired information, we may create knowledge that is shared throughout the world and enable people to learn new talents and impart those skills where they are required. A significant value is wanting to aid those who require advice.

We will learn more about Katerina Trajchevska’s background and personality in this conversation with the Adeva CEO.

Brief us about the company, what inspired you to start Adeva?

Adeva is a distant network of computer experts with the goal of enabling work without limitations. Our network is spread out across more than 30 nations since we are fervent proponents of remote work.

Adeva offers long-term, remote possibilities for tech talent around the world while assisting businesses in rapidly scaling their technical teams and lowering their hiring costs.

My spouse and I began our careers as independent engineers, which presented us with entirely different challenges than a typical 9–5 work. It takes a lot of time and effort to find the perfect project, and it also calls for a completely another set of talents.

It made us realize that there are so many people out there required to settle for whatever opportunities they have locally because finding a remote one is a hassle.

That’s what inspired us to start Adeva. To help people like us enjoy the flexibility of remote work without having to compromise on the stability of a full-time job.

What are the products or services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

Adeva assists businesses in quickly and adaptably scaling their teams so they may meet shifting needs and schedule milestones. We work with them to find, evaluate, and hire the best tech talent.

Adeva distinguishes itself with its commitment to the neighborhood. We continuously make investments in our neighboring communities, and we go above and above to maintain unconventional methods of luring the top people. Due to this, we are able to ramp up entire teams in a single weekend when faced with strict time restrictions and, more generally, we are able to be a trustworthy talent partner for businesses that require a steady flow of talent.

Please tell us about your team.

Twenty employees that work across many areas, including engineering, marketing, talent, and client operations, make up our core team, which is currently rather small.

Our leadership team is now concentrating on enhancing the fundamental procedures, creating a culture that is motivated by purpose, and making sure that our staff has possibilities for advancement that will help us scale more effectively.

I can only express my pride and humility in having the team I do with me share this experience. Everyone putting their full effort into creating an environment where our employees and community members may flourish and further their careers.

Please brief us about your professional experience.

I started as a freelance software engineer back in 2012, together with a colleague that’s now my partner at Adeva. With the tech scene in our country still not mature enough, freelancing was a way for us to get access to more exciting opportunities. Over time, we started getting more projects than the two of us could handle so we grew kind of organically up to the point of founding Adeva.

As an engineer and later CEO at Adeva, I’ve worked with a variety of companies – from start-ups to enterprises. My work has mostly been involving building scalable software and setting up and leading engineering teams.

Aside from Adeva, I’m a passionate advocate for remote work and inclusivity. I enjoy volunteering in organizations whose values I identify with, mentoring, and giving back. 

What are the key achievements of your business journey?

The first is reaching out to global markets after launching Adeva and welcoming new members into our community. Then, by scaling more flexibly, becoming a talent partner to certain significant Fortune 500 companies, and assisting them in fostering innovation.

Given our commitment to diversity and fair opportunity, Women in Tech’s recognition of us as the most inclusive tech firm is also a noteworthy accomplishment.

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