James Talerico – Helping You Maximise Your Company’s Future Performance

James Talerico | Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc.: Helping You Maximise Your Company's Future Performance

The driving factor behind innovation and progress in the business sector is dynamic company executives. New entrepreneurs are encouraged and inspired to set out on their own paths by their unwavering pursuit of excellence and courage in the face of danger. 

Along with setting an excellent example, these leaders also impart knowledge, wisdom, and important lessons to prospective business owners, giving them the direction and assurance they need to successfully negotiate the complex business environment. In this article, we’ll look at how inspirational business leaders are inspiring a new generation of business visionaries and sparking their entrepreneurial spirit.

Featuring for The Entrepreneur Review’s this issue of The Most Iconic Business Leaders To Watch is this conversation with Mr. James Talerico. Let us find out more about his journey and the Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc. in this interview. 

How has business leadership changed over the years? In your opinion, what are the important qualities a modern leader should possess?

Leadership has changed significantly over the years. Today’s leaders are more collaborative, inclusive, emotionally intelligent, nimble, data-driven, tech-dependent, global, socially responsible and ethics-focused and, I believe, the modern leader should embrace these trends.

Please walk us through your educational/professional journey. What was the ‘aha moment’ that inspired you to venture into the industry you are working in?

My educational and professional journey was shaped by my earliest mentors.  My grandfather was a small business owner and my father an engineer. As a result, I developed an early passion for business along with a desire to create, build, and improve. My past training, education, and experience focused on preparing me for the world, allowed me to pursue these passions, and inspired me to become a business consultant and thought leader.  

When was the Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc.established? What are the products/services it primarily offers?

My business was started back in 2003 but became my primary focus during Covid. My firm, Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc. (www.greaterprairiebusinessconsulting.com) is an award-winning, national consulting practice serving entrepreneurs, small to mid-sized privately held & family-owned businesses and midmarket companies of any type with revenues between $1 million and $250 million. Our focus is helping businesses maximize their performance and exit.

Tell us three unique factors that differentiate the Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc.’s products/services from the competitors’ offerings.

Our three-(3) differentiators can be found in our tagline: (i) superior knowledge, (ii) professional execution, and (iii) outstanding results. 

Because we have worked for thousands of companies, we believe we can offer better solutions.  Because of our training, certifications and quality background, we feel we can execute at a very high level; and because of our unique follow up program, we always get outstanding results for our clients. 

As the Founder/CEO of the Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc., what are the roles/ responsibilities you shoulder? 

As the founder and CEO, I provide strategic leadership, execute the Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc.’s vision mission & values and ensure that the firm achieves its’ goals & objectives. I make decisions about the day-to-day operations, manage risks, drive innovation, interact with prospects, clients, contractors & other stakeholders, and guide the firm towards success and sustainable growth.  

Who is your role model and how he/she has inspired you to reach where you are today?

My role models are industry though leaders, many of whom are consultants, authors, speakers and educators. 

Please shed some light on the significant achievements/milestones throughout your illustrious career.

I am most proud of the results I have helped my clients attain and the impact that has had on their lives, families, employees and other stakeholders; the book I wrote on improving small business ethics and the small business owner’s survival toolkit I created during Covid was another significant achievement; the recognition and awards I received for thought leadership were career milestones; and my ability to give back to my industry as President of the Institute of Management Consultant’s Dallas – Fort Worth Chapter and the other organization in which I participate is another achievement of which I’m proud.

As a successful business leader, how do you handle failures/setbacks? What are some important leadership lessons you’ve learned throughout your journey?

Failures and setbacks are learning experiences that lead to new challenges, accomplishments, and successes.  Entrepreneurs must be resilient, be prepared for setbacks, learn from them, and bounce back even stronger.

In terms of leadership lessons learned, the importance of continuous learning, being agile, communicating, leading with empathy & integrity, and getting feedback would all be high on the list. 

How do you ensure a perfect work-life balance? What are your hobbies/interests beyond the cabin? 

Achieving work-life balance is an ongoing process that requires continuous adjustments. What’s important is finding a balance that aligns with your values and priorities, promotes your well-being, and allows you to lead a fulfilling life.

According to you, what are the most critical challenges and opportunities business leaders will face in the near future?

Near-term challenges and opportunities facing business leaders today include managing remote / hybrid teams, talent shortages, digital transformation, cyber threats, mental health & well-being, supply chain issues, geopolitical uncertainty, economic volatility, continuous change, and evolving customer expectations. 

Please share a piece of advice for the young business leaders aspiring to make a mark in their respective industries.

I believe that aspiring young leaders need to be authentic, stay true to their values, adapt, set clear goals, handle conflict constructively, invest in self-development, embrace failure, and learn from others. 

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