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Entering a new field with the desire to dominate it? It is unavoidable to be completely knowledgeable about your sector, the things that are happening, the changes you can make, and everything you can do as an entrepreneur to solve problems.

Wouldn’t it be simpler if you had a helping hand—more accurately, a guiding light—that illuminated your road to betterness?

Company Overview: The EarlyBirds Marketplace allows innovators (startups, scaleups, and mature) and early adopters to exchange value at an early stage of development. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or product/solution listing allows innovators to set the price for each sale between US$ 500 and US$ 25,000.

Early Adopters might look for and purchase innovations in their sector and core business operations based on the financial benefits they offer. Early Adopters have the ability to post Challenges in the market and ask Innovators for viable solutions. The market offers escrow capabilities to lower risk for both parties as well as feedback capabilities for both parties.

Interview with Kris Poria

Brief us about at the company, what inspired you to start the company?

The co-founder of EarlyBirds, Kris Poria, noticed a gap in the market for large corporations to collaborate with start-ups that offered creative solutions. He realised a platform was needed to bring the two together and make it possible for start-ups and early adopters to exchange value right away.

Together, he and his co-founder and business partner Jeff Penrose founded EarlyBirds, a global platform and business model that brings tech innovators, start-ups, and independent specialists together to share information and skills and help firms scale up more quickly.

Millions of enterprises all over the world receive assistance from EarlyBirds, which offers capability solutions within a reliable networking platform. The platform enables specialists to swiftly solve technical problems for early adopters by offering alternative solutions. The programs, goods, and services available for innovation serve as a complement to this by letting emerging businesses see what the global market is doing. Last but not least, subject matter experts are welcomed on the platform to collaborate with clients to produce results that are business-focused. This enhances the innovation lifecycle and makes it possible for any products or services to be developed more quickly.

What are the products or services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

Organizations are becoming self-learning organizations thanks to EarlyBirds by:

  • ongoing education in all corporate functions
  • overcome technological and business challenges quickly
  • Examine changes in technology, procedures, and business models.
  • Getting Rid of Evil Issues

Using its platform and innovation programmes, the Challenger and the Explorer, the EarlyBirds Ecosystem (Innovators, Subject Matter Experts (SMES), and Early Adopters) helped provide the above. The Explorer programme offers continual innovation as a service to the entire organisation, whereas the Challenger programme aims to address one business or technical challenge at a time.

Over 600 organisations are currently registered on the EarlyBirds platform, which has over 100 SMEs and scouts over 3M worldwide innovators.

EarlyBirds provides the market with two options: a self-service platform subscription that enables customers to search innovators for solutions or innovations to solve their problems, or SME-assisted programmes to provide a solution to any business or technical challenges or ongoing innovation as a service.

Please tell us about your team.

EarlyBirds founding team includes Kris Poria, Jeff Penrose and CFO James Palmers. All have worked in the global market with small to multi-national organisations. EarlyBirds also have specialist technical team and Subject Matter Experts that are well known in the industry along with 14 advisory board members. Together team has a deep experience across three key area of focus – Early Adopter, Innovators and Subject Matter Expert covering all key industry sectors. 

Please brief us about your professional experience. 

In addition to working in the ICT, Media, Real Estate, and Education sectors, Kris has also created his own businesses and assisted clients in the Public Sector, Financial Sector, Energy Sector, and Education Sector, to mention a few. Kris has worked in Asia, Europe, the US, and Australia in a variety of jobs, from software engineer to business leader.

What are the key achievements of your business journey?

The mission of EarlyBirds is to fulfil its aim of “Engaging Society in Actionable Innovation!” Our Edzlity (Edge and Agility) framework, which we created, assists organisations in becoming self-learning organisations. To deliver these results using our platform, products, and programmes, we will keep on developing new goods and coordinating our services. Over 3 million innovative organisations, more than 100 subject matter experts, and more than 600 organisations have already used our platform thanks to the ecosystem we were able to create. Tier-1 governmental and private organisations are able to join forces with us in Australia as we grow.

Any client experience you would like to highlight?

We are working with large public and private sector organisations in Australia including 2 of top 10 ASX listed organisations and large public sector agencies. Our clients’ feedback is that we are helping them to accelerate their innovation capability, speed and solving their wicked problems with our platform and frameworks. 

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