Twitch walks back controversial ad rules policy

Twitch Walks Back Controversial Ad Rules Policy | The Entrepreneur Review

After receiving immediate criticism from broadcasters and content producers, Twitch has decided to reverse its recently announced guidelines regarding how streamers may display adverts on the network.

Unique and Admirable Vision

Twitch published new guidelines on Tuesday governing how streamers might run advertisements on the service. The first two were popular and widely used formats on Twitch, and the rules forbade “burned-in” video, display, and audio adverts. Many broadcasters and ambassadors were outraged by the new policies, which Twitch allegedly did not discuss with them in advance. Social media was used by Twitch content producers to protest the changes. In an open letter to Twitch, the network of well-known, high-value broadcasters known as OTK wrote, “The once-unique and admirable vision of a creator-first platform now feels like a fading and distant dream.”

Charity streamers were angry and afraid that the new regulations will hinder their capacity to gather funds. The new ad rules policy would have made it harder for the already struggling esports business to commercialize its broadcasts, thus it was the same with esports developers. Twitch expressed regret for the deployment and said it will clarify the regulations in a new version. Now, it appears that the restrictions have been completely repealed instead of just being revised.

Modifying the Website

Twitch has modified the website defining its ad rules policy, removing the section describing the categories of advertisements that are either fully prohibited or allowed. Here is an archival copy that includes the current page and the previous regulations. The new regulations might have had disastrous effects on businesses, charities, esports broadcasts, and creators. Now, what appeared to be yet another attempt to siphon money from streamers has failed.

Following criticism of the new ad rules policy, Twitch has issued an apology. The Twitch-based live streaming service, which is owned by Amazon, had previously stated that it will limit the quantity and nature of the advertisements used by streamers. The ways that streamers make money on the site would have been greatly reduced as a result.

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