Ford Recalls Over 125,000 Hybrid Vehicles Due to Engine Fire Risk

Ford Recalls Over 125,000 Hybrid Vehicles Due to Engine Fire Risk | The Entrepreneur Review

In a recent announcement, Ford has issued a recall for more than 125,000 hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, including Escape SUVs, Maverick pickups, and Lincoln Corsair luxury SUVs. The reason behind the recall is a potential engine fluid leakage that could result in fires. The affected vehicles were manufactured between 2020 and 2023.

The Affected Models and Complications

The recall encompasses all three models due to their shared engineering, particularly related to their 2.5-liter gasoline engines. Ford has discovered a manufacturing defect that may cause these engines to leak engine oil or gasoline vapors. If these fluids come into contact with hot components within the engine compartment, there is a risk of a fire. Complicating matters further, hybrid vehicles are equipped with both gas engines and electric motors, allowing them to continue driving even after the engine has failed, potentially exacerbating the problem.

The Escape and Corsair models are manufactured at Ford’s facility in Louisville, Kentucky, while the Maverick pickups are produced at the Hermosillo factory in Mexico. Ford’s recall applies to specific model years, including 2020 through 2023 Escapes, 2022 through 2023 Mavericks, and 2021 through 2023 Corsairs.

A Second Recall

Interestingly, most of hybrid vehicles were recalled last year for the same issue. During that recall, Ford and Lincoln dealers addressed the problem by making alterations to enable the drainage of leaking fluids and fumes, at no expense to the owners. However, incidents of fires still occurred in some hybrid vehicles that had undergone repair. Ford is currently working on developing alternative solutions to prevent such fires. To date, there have been 28 reported fires associated with this issue, including five incidents since the previous recall.

It is important to note that this particular recall is unrelated to the recent recall of Lincoln MKC SUVs, an earlier version of the Corsair, which faced a separate fire risk while parked. Ford has also recently recalled the Bronco off-road SUV due to concerns raised by the NHTSA about difficult-to-reach seatbelts.

What Next for The Owners?

Affected owners will be notified by Ford once a repair method has been devised. They will then be advised to visit their nearest Ford or Lincoln dealer to have the necessary fixes performed, at no cost. In the meantime, owners are urged to remain vigilant. If they detect any unusual noises from under the hood, experience a loss of power, or detect the smell of smoke, they are advised to promptly pull over to a safe location and turn off the vehicle.

For any concerns or inquiries, owners can reach out to the NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline at 888-327-4236 or contact Ford customer service at 866-436-7332. Alternatively, they may consult their local Ford or Lincoln dealer.

Source: CNN
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