The Future of Email Marketing

The Future of Email Marketing: 8 Important Points | The Entrepreneur Review

With the new year approaching, many company owners are wondering, “What is the future of email marketing?” YES. The future of email marketing is here to stay, with a $44 return on investment – a 4400% ROI! This effective marketing channel is not going away in 2023. So, how can you prepare for the future of email marketing? Why email marketing is important in 2023

Several marketers and company owners question if email will still be important in 2023. Nonetheless, data reveals that the channel is still a top growth driver for firms. Email is the number one lead-generating method for 89% of marketers.

According to a recent Litmus survey, people expect email marketing to be the most relevant marketing medium in the next ten years. If you’re not utilizing email marketing, you’re passing on a valuable lead-generating and nurturing tool. As a result, we strongly advise including email in your 2023 digital marketing plan.

Here Are Some Points About the Future of Email Marketing:

1. Results evaluation

Apple’s introduction of iOS 14 had an immediate influence on the future of email marketing. Apple’s change will alter not just open rates but also how you assess outcomes. Instead of emphasizing open rates, concentrate on metrics that have a direct effect on your organization’s bottom line (and its investment in email marketing), such as conversions.

This change in outcomes measurement will assist you in demonstrating the influence of email marketing on your company’s leads. If you strengthen your attribution efforts, you may even demonstrate the influence of email marketing across your purchasing funnel, which may lead to a larger investment from the C-Suite.

2. Individualization

Email personalization is no longer a pleasant gesture in 2023; subscribers demand it. Every day, your subscribers get hundreds of emails, therefore you must employ customization to make your campaigns stand out. With email customization, you can use marketing data from several platforms to provide value to subscribers and increase their likelihood of purchasing.

Personalizing emails enables you to appeal to the individual needs and interests of your subscribers while moving them to the next stage of the sales funnel. It also produces better results, with tailored emails increasing conversions by 10%. To prepare for the future of email marketing, you’ll need to go beyond just including subscribers’ names.

To get you started, here are some fast email customization ideas:

  • Add inquiries in sign-up forms about what services users are interested in and their budgets.
  • Utilize past data to determine subjects and content kinds that are popular with your target audience.
  • Arrange emails to be sent at times convenient for the recipients.
  • Connect to customized landing pages with material targeted to subscriber segments by using dynamic content to personalize blocks of email content.
  • Are you looking for additional personalization ideas to help you prepare for the future of email marketing? Check out our guide on email personalization!

This is an example of an email.

Expedia provides consumers with tailored emails when they surf websites. Expedia’s email marketing includes a boarding card logo and a button to explore the most recent tickets, making it simple to discover and book a flight.

3. More accurate data

To properly customize emails, you must use data from many marketing channels. This information will help you to tailor the future of email marketing depending on your subscribers’ online experiences with your company.

Consider the following examples of ways to utilize data to plan for the future of email marketing:

  • Whenever someone downloads a guide from your website, you may send them an email with useful, relevant information.
  • If someone adds an item to their basket but leaves your site without paying, you may send them a remarketing email to persuade them to finish the transaction.
  • After someone buys an item, you may send them an email with custom-curated “similar things” that they might be interested in.

All of these behaviors lead to increased conversions and brand loyalty. Also, in 2023, you should enhance your email sign-up forms to collect better data from users straight away. Avoid overwhelming consumers with too many sign-up forms, but include questions that will help you obtain the information you need to better customize your emails. West Elm is an example of an email. West Elm utilizes transaction data from their website to send order updates and proposes similar goods for consumers to buy.

4. Automation

Automation is the next the future of email marketing for 2023. Email automation isn’t a new approach, but if you want to succeed in the new year, you should include it in your arsenal. You can quickly utilize data to create targeted email campaigns using email automation, and automatic sending offers you more time to concentrate on your company.

You may create automatic emails to send when users do certain activities on your website, hit new rewards program milestones, make purchases, and more. Since they are tied to subscriber activities, automated emails are highly tailored and an exceedingly successful approach to engaging prospects and consumers. If you need assistance planning for the future of email marketing, WebFX provides a suite of IMB Watson-powered email marketing and automation solutions to help you get the most out of your investment.

5. Video

In terms of personalization, you should include customized videos in your email approach in 2023. Customized videos help you prepare for the future of email marketing by injecting some personality into your efforts, and making them stand out. In general, video content is on the increase this year, as consumers prefer to interact with video material rather than blocks of plain text.

Personalize videos for your subscriber segments for the greatest results. You may, for example, send personalized movies to new vs recurring customers to highlight relevant items and promote client loyalty. Employing videos in email marketing may result in 2-3 times more clicks, making subscribers more inclined to connect with your company and make a purchase. Our unique email platform, EmailMarketingFX, makes it simple to leverage dynamic content to generate results with tailored email videos.

6. Participation

Consider using interactive components in your advertisements for maximum email engagement in 2023. Email interactivity mixes entertainment and utility to motivate people to take action.

Take a peek at these trendy interactive components to be ready for the future of email marketing:

  • Call-to-action (CTA) buttons that are animated
  • Tools made to order
  • Carousels with products and interactive photos
  • Surveys, quizzes, and polls (all of which may be used to acquire more data!)

By using interactive components in your emails, you may increase engagement and encourage subscribers to click. Hence, if interactivity isn’t already part of your email marketing strategy, it should be by 2023.

7. Availability

Together with your website, you should ensure that your email marketing adheres to ADA guidelines. One in every five persons in the United States has a handicap, and ADA compliance guarantees that everyone gets the same, good experience with your communications.

ADA compliance will be more than a fad in 2023; it will be a fundamental component of effective email marketing. To begin making your emails ADA-compliant, you should:

  • Make your email content brief and to the point.
  • Make use of appropriate font sizes and line spacing.
  • Long lengths of center-justified text should be avoided.
  • All photos should include alt text.
  • Check that HTML tables can be viewed by screen readers.

8. Mobile-friendly

The Future of Email Marketing: 8 Important Points | The Entrepreneur Review

Lastly, make your emails mobile responsive to prepare for the future of email marketing. This email trend isn’t revolutionary, but if you don’t include it in your 2023 plan, you’ll lose out on lucrative leads and conversions. Mobile devices now account for more than half of all Internet traffic.

With more consumers utilizing mobile devices to view emails, browse websites, and make purchases, you must ensure your emails are correctly displayed on all devices. Tools like EmailMarketingFX make it simple to evaluate the mobile design and responsiveness of your campaigns in order to get the greatest results. If you want to achieve success with your email strategy this year, you must follow the future of email marketing trends.

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