8 Steps to Grow Your Email List With YouTube Traffic

Best 8-step Formula to Grow Your Email List With YouTube Traffic | The Entrepreneur Review

We all know Google is one of the largest search engines. But not many people know that YouTube as a search engine is just as effective. So much that you can actually grow your email list with YouTube. Often people run and hide from YouTube, mainly because of two reasons-

1. They don’t want to be in front of the camera.

2. It is another platform to manage their already busy schedule.

Videos create a better and more lasting impact on people than just simple blogs. If you take a look around, most social media platforms are today leveraging the power of video Facebook Live, Instagram Stories/Reels, and Twitter Videos. This just means one thing- video content is here and is making an impact.

Here are some concrete things you can do right this second:

  • Maximize your video’s exposure.
  • Increase your subscription base.
  • Bring in site visitors, and collect their email addresses.

Let’s start by looking at some data about YouTube and online video marketing that will show how effective YouTube can be as a list-creation tool for your company. Now, the question remains- can you grow your email list with YouTube? Of course, you can! Here are 8 easy steps to grow your email list with YouTube traffic.

Here are the 8 Steps to Grow Your Email List With YouTube Views;

1. Seed The Ask

Your first order of business is to include a call to action in every video encouraging people to sign up for your email list. However, you shouldn’t seem pushy or desperate by immediately trying to sell anything.

You should instead try to seed the ask. You may subtly Grow Your Email List With YouTube and the additional resources it provides throughout your video. Then, towards the conclusion of the video, you may make a gentle pitch, such as this one for a customer who assists writers in getting their books published.

8 step Formula to Grow Your Email List With YouTube Traffic | The Entrepreneur Review

Give out your URL slowly in the end, and have it shown on the screen.

As an illustration, consider this: “As I mentioned earlier, there may be more of you who want more information or want to take things to the next level, and the easiest way to do that is to join my mailing list where you’ll receive a free infographic explaining exactly what you need to do to get your book published fast!”

2. Integrate Hyperlinks, Notes, and Cards

Linking, annotating, and using cards are all simple ways to Grow Your Email List With YouTube and encourage people to sign up for your email list. The first topic we’ll tackle is linked. Include a link to your landing page where you collect email addresses in every video you produce. These links may be added to your films using elementary video editing skills or you can pay a service like Fiverr to do it for you. Including a link to your landing page in every video you upload is essential.

Annotations enable you to superimpose additional information on top of your video beginning in the last 30 seconds, such as links, playlists, and subscription choices, but you better get on it quickly since YouTube intends to phase them off shortly. If you want to take advantage of this feature, you must connect all of your existing video annotations to your email-harvesting website by May.

By recommending other videos from your playlists at the beginning or conclusion of the video, “Last Card” recommendations may help you keep viewers engaged and enhance your channel’s retention rates. In a few minutes, we’ll speak about creating an advertisement for your email list, and I suggest you connect your cards to that.

3. Make Playlists

To Grow Your Email List With YouTube Playlists is a great technique to increase audience interaction and increase the likelihood that a viewer will join your email list. In this way, you can help your viewers identify the videos they’re interested in and encourage them to learn more about related subjects by encouraging them to create their own playlists.

Organize your playlists into subcategories that make sense for your lessons. Examples, practice, and testimonies are all good options. The aim is to group similar items into distinct lists so that readers may pick and choose what they want to focus on.

Your readers’ interests may be gauged from the statistics of your playlists, allowing you to tailor future video productions to their preferences.

4. Make Commercials

I have explained that you should create advertisements for Grow Your Email List With YouTube. Consider producing an ad touting your freebie and encouraging people to join your email list at least once a month. Commercials should last no more than a minute and ideally no more than 30 seconds to avoid coming across as excessive sales. There’s a wonderful technique for thinking up such elevator speeches, and it goes like this:

Something unique about yourself, like how much you like coffee or how recently your back has been hurting. A bit of guidance that will only take you 10 seconds to read. That which causes the spectator to nod in agreement or utter the words “Ohhhh intriguing” Some figurative language describing the positive effects of this recommendation. A little persuasion to visit the registration page.

While it serves as a basic outline, you are allowed to play around with other approaches to your advertising as much as you want. One commercial every month should be produced and tested to see which works best. In our seventh and last point, I will go into greater detail on how to adapt a successful commercial into a welcome video.

5. Use YouTube Ads

I could devote an entire page to explaining how to use YouTube advertisements with Google Adwords, but for now, I’ll simply cover the essentials.

For starters, if you’ve ever used YouTube, you know that there are skippable commercials and non-skippable ads. Then there are the adverts that appear next to content or in search results (in the display). YouTube will lead you through creating your ad and monitoring its performance after you’ve decided on the kind of ad you want to run.

8 step Formula to Grow Your Email List With YouTube Traffic | The Entrepreneur Review

Advertisements to Grow Your Email List With YouTube, being one of the newest types of video advertising, are now far cheaper than text ads, with video views frequently costing just a few cents.

To avoid paying a lot of money for a number of 3-second views, you should split test your advertisements and provide a reasonable budget, like you would with any PPC campaign.

6. Use Your Header and Images

Don’t forget to include the URL for your email collection landing page in your site’s header and any photos you use as thumbnails to Grow Your Email List With YouTube. Your YouTube channel would benefit greatly from having a professionally designed header that clearly shows a link and the advantages of signing up for your email list.

When you upload a video, you’ll discover that, in addition to your header, you may choose between the normal thumbnail picture and three or four more images that were automatically extracted from your film.

It’s possible that they’ll use a picture with a clickable URL, but it’s not certain. You may always take a screenshot of the part of your video where your link appears and then use it as your thumbnail if they don’t give you the choice to use a thumbnail including your link.

This is a free ad spot, so make use of it!

7. Make an Introductory Video

As I said before, you may show a welcome video to everybody who visits your channel to Grow Your Email List With YouTube. Using an existing commercial is a simple approach to making a great introduction video.

8 step Formula to Grow Your Email List With YouTube Traffic | The Entrepreneur Review

Making a video in which you express your gratitude to the visitor for visiting your website and listing the advantages of subscribing to your newsletter is another option.

The length of your introduction video should be between 60 and 90 seconds, making it somewhat longer than your advertisements. Don’t be hesitant to try out a few various types of introduction films to determine which ones your audience enjoys the most.

8. React to Related Videos on YouTube

Finally, commenting on other people’s videos that are relevant to what you teach is a reliable technique to Grow Your Email List With YouTube. When you provide insightful comments on other people’s videos on YouTube, you’re seen as an active participant in their community and more people are likely to go over to your channel as a result. If you do a great job commenting, the other video’s author may be interested in talking about collaborating with you in the future.

Oh man, that’s a lot of data!

I know it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll read an essay like this and instantly implement every suggestion, so before we end up, let’s review the most important ideas again. We began by noting that, after Google, YouTube receives more than 3 billion monthly searches. After that, we analyzed certain data related to video marketing and YouTube in particular.

One percent of YouTube’s monthly unique visitors is 10 million people, and there are more than one billion such visitors. If you can attract only 1% of that market, that’s 100,000 new clients per month.


With multiple platforms of content working for you, get the best of everything, build and scale your brand. And, now that you know how to grow your email list with YouTube, get the brains racking, jotting down ideas for your video ideas. Make a powerful and creative startegy and get started today to grow your email list with YouTube!

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