How Much Does SEO Cost for a Small Business?

How Much Does SEO Cost for a Small Business? Best 5 Things to know | The Entrepreneur Review

Do you want to know how much SEO Costs for a Small Business and if you should put money into it?

We’ll be honest: there is no right answer because it depends on many things. The costs of SEO for small businesses can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

How much you pay for search engine optimization (SEO) depends on:
  • Your goals for SEO
  • How competitive the market is
  • Who do we want to reach and where

But we’ll give you a pretty good idea of how much SEO Costs for a Small Business. It will keep SEO firms from charging you too much. When you look at SEO costs, keep in mind that SEO is an investment for the long term. A study found that when a website’s search engine ranking goes up on search engine results pages, more people visit the site and they stay there longer.

  • Higher user engagement
  • More conversions
  • By spending money on SEO, you’re setting up your small business for success.

When you stop paying for ads, like with pay-per-click (PPC), you stop getting the benefits of the ads. But in the long run, SEO continues to bring about natural results. So, let’s talk about how much SEO Costs for a Small Business and what factors affect this price.

Here are the Costs of SEO for Small Businesses When Outsourced;

You can do SEO on your own, or you can hire a company or a consultant. We’ll talk about the different ways consultants and agencies charge for SEO services in this section.

1. Rate per hour

Most SEO consultants will charge by the hour. This can cost anywhere from $25 per hour for SEO Cost for Small Business tasks like writing copy to $500 per hour for more complicated tasks. As a small business, you can expect quality Costs of SEO for Small Businesses between $80 and $200 per hour. If you already have a solid SEO plan and only want to outsource certain SEO tasks, like building links, an hourly rate can work well.

2. Rate per month

Most businesses would rather have an ongoing SEO plan. In this situation, a monthly price model works well. With this deal, the SEO agency agrees to keep giving you a certain set of services on a regular basis. SEO Costs for a Small Business can range from $500 to $5,000 per month, depending on the services you want. Small businesses should go with a monthly rate because it lets them build a long-term relationship with the SEO company. They learn a lot about your small business and the people you want to reach, and they slowly improve your SEO over time.

3. Project-based Pricing

In a project-based pricing model, you agree on how much the whole project will cost. Most companies that help with digital marketing charge between $5,000 and $30,000 per project.

What are the Costs of SEO for Small Businesses | The Entrepreneur Review

With project-based SEO, you’ll need to set a clear timeline for the project with clear milestones, goals, and deliverables. It’s a lot of different SEO services, not just one task.

How much a small business will pay will depend on things like:
  • How hard the project was to do
  • How long the project will take
  • How much experience do the SEO experts have
  • When building a website from scratch or running a one-time SEO campaign, project-based pricing is the best way to go.

4. Fixed-price Rate

This is where you sign a contract with an SEO company for one or more SEO services. It’s like trying out services by buying them one at a time. Fixed-price rates are different from hourly or monthly rates in that you can use the SEO services until you decide not to. Small business owners who want to try out an SEO company’s services before committing to a monthly retainer can choose a fixed-price rate. The costs of SEO for small businesses should be viewed as an investment in long-term success rather than a short-term expense.

How much do you think you’ll have to pay?

What are the Costs of SEO for Small Businesses | The Entrepreneur Review

Different SEO companies have different fixed prices for their services. But, like pricing based on projects, most SEO packages cost $5,000 or more per contract. It’s important to make sure that the package you choose fits your small business’s needs this affects Costs of SEO for Small Businesses.

5. How Much Do In-house Costs of SEO for Small Businesses?

If you have an SEO expert on staff, they can focus their full attention on your Costs of SEO for Small Businesses. An SEO expert who works for you can spend a lot of time digging into your analytics. They will try out different keywords, link-building methods, and other things to find the best SEO strategy for your small business. About $50,000 per year is what an experienced SEO specialist charges.

What are the Costs of SEO for Small Businesses | The Entrepreneur Review

You’ll also have to spend money on SEO tools this is an important cost in terms of the Costs of SEO for Small Businesses. SEO tools can help you find keywords, look into the backlinks of your competitors, do site audits, and much more. The free versions of most SEO tools are limited in what they can do. It’s best to pay for a premium plan, which can cost between $100 and $1,000 per month, depending on the features it offers.


Investing in the SEO of your small business can reap multiple benefits. For starters, it will increase the visibility of your brand and help you reach more people. Depending on the aspects you want to cover, the costs of SEO for small businesses can vary. Jot down which SEO aspect will help you elevate your business and take out a budget. And then, just sit back and watch your small business scale.

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