YouTube Inventors develop a Square-wheeled Bicycle

YouTube Inventors develop a Square-wheeled Bicycle | The Entrepreneur Review

Did you ever think of riding a bicycle with square wheels?

Sounds impossible right? But inventors from the YouTube channel ‘The Q’ have made it possible. When vehicles or bicycles were invented for the first time, the research showed that perfectly round shaped wheels can be used to get from point A to point B without much hustle. However, this theory has been challenged with the new invention.

How does it Work? Square-wheeled Bicycle

There was an initial research on square-wheeled tricycles that they only worked on a surface that was covered with convex bumps. However, the recently invented bicycle can be driven on any surface. Unlike a normal bicycle wheels, the square shaped wheels don’t roll at all. The rubber tired are sliced and coupled with four different sets of bike chains. This creates a continuous chain that rolls around the outside of the four wheels. 

It can be essentially called a pedal-powered tank. While an abrupt 90-degree angle can make you assume that the bicycle does not have the same ground covering expertise as a real tank and it does not promise a good uphill ride, its ride ability is probably the thing that is driving the popularity of the bicycle. 

Not a New Idea!

While this bicycle is grabbing headlines, a square-wheeled bicycle is not entirely a new idea. A few years ago, a YouTube channel named Mythbusters for the Impatient tried fitting square-shaped wheels to a pickup truck. However, the ride turned out to be extremely uncomfortable and even on smooth surfaces. Moreover, a square-wheeled tricycle was displayed at the Burning Man Festival 2012. This bicycle featured a customized frame that eliminated any jarring movements driver felt while riding. 

This bicycle is still in the experimental stage. If it is received well and becomes a hit in the market, don’t get surprised if you see a square-wheeled car in the market soon!

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