YouTube Music: The Music Streaming Platform to Officially Start Podcasts

YouTube Music: The Music Streaming Platform to Officially Start Podcasts | The Entrepreneur Review

YouTube Music is introducing podcasts to its platform, allowing users to easily discover and listen to their favorite shows without having to switch to a separate app.

The new feature will enable podcast creators to reach a broader audience on YouTube Music, which has more than 70 million subscribers worldwide. By incorporating podcasts into its platform, YouTube Music hopes to offer users a seamless audio experience that combines music and spoken-word content in one place.

YouTube will initially launch with popular podcasts such as “The Joe Rogan Experience,” “Serial,” and “Stuff You Should Know.” The platform has also signed deals with creators such as NPR, TED, and the BBC, to bring their shows to the platform.

In a statement, YouTube Music said: “We’re excited to introduce podcasts to YouTube Music, making it even easier to listen to the audio you love, all in one place.”

How to listen to podcasts on YouTube Music?

To access podcasts on YouTube, users can simply search for the show they want to listen to and select the podcast tab. They can also download episodes for offline listening and receive personalized recommendations based on their listening history.

The move by YouTube Music comes as the podcast industry continues to grow rapidly, with more than 100 million Americans listening to podcasts each month. In recent years, several major tech companies, including Spotify and Apple, have invested heavily in the podcast industry.

Last year, Spotify acquired the podcast production company Gimlet Media and signed a deal with Joe Rogan, one of the most popular podcasters in the world. Meanwhile, Apple has long been a major player in the podcast space, with its Podcasts app pre-installed on every iPhone and iPad.

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What does this move mean for the podcast space?

YouTube Music’s entry into the podcast space could shake up the industry and offer listeners more options for where they consume their favorite shows. The platform’s massive user base and extensive library of music and other audio content could make it an attractive destination for podcast creators looking to reach a wider audience.

Overall, the addition of podcasts to YouTube Music is a significant step forward for the platform as it seeks to compete with Spotify and Apple in the audio space. With its vast resources and reach, YouTube Music has the potential to become a major player in the podcast industry and offer users a truly seamless audio experience.

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