Amazon to offer Physical Products in Games, VR

Amazon to offer Physical Products in Games, VR | The Entrepreneur Review

Earlier this week, the popular online retailer Amazon launched “Amazon Anywhere,” a new shopping experience that enables customers to purchase physical products in Games from the Amazon store without having to leave their favorite games and apps. This includes VR experiences as well as augmented reality (AR) mobile apps.

Details of the Products

According to an official release, the first product to receive support for Amazon Anywhere is Peridot, a location-based AR game from Pokémon GO creator Niantic that allows you to breed and care for virtual pets powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology; think of it like a futuristic Tomogotchi, but even cuter.

Players can now browse through a catalog of Peridot-themed merchandise and order physical items for shipping. This ranges from cute t-shirts and sweatshirts to even cuter throw pillows and phone accessories. You’ll gain access to the same data on the Amazon website, including Prime eligibility, expected delivery date, and more, after linking your Amazon account to the game.

Amazon is also rolling out support for creators and developers who may be interested in implementing Amazon Anywhere into their existing games and apps. According to Amazon, this will allow companies to sell original brand merchandise by removing key logistical concerns such as shipping and fulfillment.

Amazon Begins Offering Physical Products in Games, VR

A New Way to Shop

Steve Downer, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Amazon, stated in an official release that they are creating a new way to shop for entertainment and digital experiences. Their goal is to make it easy for customers to buy physical products without leaving their virtual worlds, as currently shopping in virtual worlds is limited to buying virtual currency and in-game digital items.

Amazon aims to change this by offering the same great selection, low prices, easy checkout, fast delivery, and top-notch customer support that customers would receive in their physical stores. Customers can enjoy engaging with fun things and seamlessly purchase physical products in Games when ready.

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