Disney+ to add Hulu Content to provide ‘One App’ Experience

Disney Plus to add Hulu Content to provide ‘One App’ Experience | The Entrepreneur Review

There seem to be way too many streaming options available these days. But this time, the news may be that there will be fewer—not more—subscriptions in the future. Say goodbye to separate Disney Plus and Hulu streaming subscriptions. By the end of 2023, the two services will merge for clients in the United States.

A Unified Streaming Service

During its Wednesday afternoon results call for the second quarter, Disney declared its intention to provide a unified streaming service that will include content from ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney Plus before 2024. The business stated that the idea is to have a single, “consolidated” streaming service rather than requiring different memberships. It will “ultimately [lead] to a more unified streaming experience,” according to CEO Bob Iger, who called it a “logical progression of our DTC offerings.”

Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ are currently offered as standalone subscriptions or in a variety of packages. Customers still have to sign in to different applications to access the varying content, even with a cheaper bundle subscription. But with this modification, all three would be included in a single application. The standalone subscription choices will still be accessible, according to Iger. In contrast, Hulu films and series are only available on Disney Plus outside of the United States. For instance, Hulu isn’t offered as a standalone app in the United Kingdom; instead, a selection of the service’s services may be accessible on the Star tab of the Disney+ user interface.

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Details of the Deal

The corporation has not yet provided any information regarding the cost of the next unified app. A Disney+ and Hulu bundle with commercials currently costs $9.99 per month, while a Disney Plus, ESPN, and Hulu combo with advertisements costs $12.99 per month. You may obtain a package that includes all three services for $19.99 per month, with Disney+ and Hulu having no advertisements.

Since 2017, Disney has owned a majority stake in Hulu. Comcast still has a 33% share in Hulu as of right now, but the firm formally handed control to Disney in 2019 and committed to a future sale. Beginning in early 2024, Disney may buy the remaining Hulu shares, and Comcast may compel the sale for a minimum of $9.2 billion.

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