Top 10 Ways Musicians Use TikTok to Grow their Fanbase

Top 10 Best Ways Musicians Use TikTok to Grow their Fanbase | The Entrepreneur Review

Musicians use TikTok to grow fanbase, musicians can share their songs with with TikTok, grow their other digital platforms (like other social profiles and email list), and sell concert tickets and merch. And that’s just the beginning.

TikTok has proven to be a great platform to grow your fanbase and share your songs. And most importantly, it’s not too late to start. 

Even if you’re not exactly sure what TikTok is.

Here are the Top 10 Ways Musicians use TikTok to grow fanbase:

1. Showcase talent!

This is your prompt Both Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes were found through YouTube and Vine, respectively. Before meeting with record companies, these megastars used social media to demonstrate their vocal abilities by releasing cover songs, and they gained popularity with an online following. This is how this musicians use TikTok to grow fanbase.

Including “musician” in your profile is insufficient to demonstrate your skill. Demonstrate your music with short excerpts or full songs. This is exactly what Emmy Meli accomplished with her song “I AM WOMAN.” She videotaped herself performing her song and posted the recording on TikTok. She has 5,3 million likes and 31,8 million views (she has 607,000 followers).

2. Use trendy sounds

Taking use of current trends and noises may significantly increase the number of views on a video. Sounds are the audio you add to your videos on TikTok when you do not use your own. Your video material may be accompanied by speech from a film, a verse from a song, or audio from another TikTok.

Top 10 Best Ways Musicians Use TikTok to Grow their Fanbase | The Entrepreneur Review

You may utilize trendy noises to discuss your experience as a musician, to explain why you made a song, or to find another method to make your audience laugh, connect with you, or get to know you better. To locate a trendy sound, go around TikTok and see how people are incorporating sounds into their films and which sounds appear again. You have discovered a trendy sound!

Drew Ryn uses popular noises to produce musicians use TikTok to grow fanbase in which she discusses her career as a musician and makes fun of people’s encounters with singers. To clarify, popular sounds do not constitute the totality of her TikTok. Her other videos include her singing or explain how she designed the album cover. Drew Ryn is already producing the various forms of TikTok material described in the next section.

3. Collaborate with other authors.

You may cooperate with other bands and producers to expand your popularity on musicians use TikTok to grow fanbase. The greater the number of persons The more people that hear your music, the higher your chances of expanding your popularity. You will share audiences with other artists and producers via partnerships, and you don’t have to wait until you have 1 million followers to begin. Reach out to your favorite TikTok bands and producers with collaborative video ideas.

Jax, a vocalist and pianist, does this often. Jax engages with singers, influencers, dancers, physicians, and actresses in order to share her audience with them and attract their audience to her TikTok profile. Her contribution TikToks are often creative verses centered on the person she is working with that poke fun at trends or highlight aspects of that person’s career. Collaborations are mutually beneficial, so don’t be shy about reaching out and requesting them! The most effective kind of outreach is to have a plan for the TikTok you can create together and to be receptive to their recommendations.

4. Post cover variants

Cover songs constitute a significant chunk of the most popular material on musicians use TikTok to grow fanbase among users. In addition, they are one of the easiest sorts of material to create for a variety of performers, including but not limited to soloists, bands, and DJs. Cover songs are a terrific method to build your audience and get new followers since they attract listeners via the familiarity of a well-known or personal favorite song, gradually ‘breadcrumbing’ them to your page and, by extension, your original music.

It is a natural method for increasing the visibility of one’s own music by using previously popular tracks. There are already many talented artists uploading cover song clips to the app, such Martina Lynnn, whose whole page is dedicated to cover versions of popular and “of the moment” songs.

5. React to developments

Whether you’re like trends and fads or not, it’s undeniable that when it comes to content generation, trends are at the core for musicians use TikTok to grow fanbase. Whether it’s lip-syncing, seamless transitions, picture challenges, or creating TikToks with your family (maybe not the last one for these reasons), trends drive TikTok’s algorithm, making it one of the most popular ways to gain a following and get noticed on the app.

And trends aren’t only for budding artists. As a result of the advent of TikTok trends, a great deal of attention has been drawn to a variety of popular musicians. One notable example is when Taylor Swift got on the ‘I understand the assignment’ bandwagon to display the vinyl and merch available with her current album.

Are you short on inspiration for your next TikTok viral video? Content calendar looks a bit lackluster? Not to fret. We have compiled a list of fifteen incredibly awesome content ideas that Musicians use TikTok to grow fanbase, get your music discovered by thousands of potential new listeners, and boost your online artist profile. And the highlight? The right to steal is conferred. at the same moment Even more creatively, you might establish your own trend to share with your followers and (hopefully!) build momentum around.

6. Duet & cooperate

The duet videos musicians use TikTok to grow fanbase are now one of the app’s most popular attractions. Now. The ‘duet’ option allows users to create videos in reaction to other users’ videos.

Top 10 Best Ways Musicians Use TikTok to Grow their Fanbase | The Entrepreneur Review

Recent use of the duet function has been dominated by ordinary users creating response or reaction videos. The duet function allows artists and creatives to not only publish a response video, but also make it stand out by putting their own creative spin. Duets are a fast method to access the untapped fans of another artist, and they’re very simple to create, given that you already have half the video material when you push record.

7. Respond to remarks on camera

Musicians use TikTok to grow fanbase is further distinguished by the option to record a video response to a user’s remark.

If a viewer’s remark on one of your videos piques your attention, produce a video response that you can publish on your page. Other users will be able to read both the original user’s remark and your response.

8. Be a YouTuber documenting a typical day

Breaking up your music-based, promotional material with more personal stuff is a fantastic way to keep your TikTok content freshhh, but also develop a deeper connection with individuals who listen to your songs.

Blogger and vlog-style videos are among the most viewed videos on YouTube and other video sites. Musicians use TikTok to grow fanbase to ‘stitch’ function, you can record brief samples of your day and combine them to create a ‘day-in-the-life’ in less than 30 seconds.

9. Document your journey

Documenting your most recent project or creative journey is a very efficient method of engaging your audience with your content and attracting them back.

Top 10 Best Ways Musicians Use TikTok to Grow their Fanbase | The Entrepreneur Review

If fans are aware that they can see what you’re working on next by visiting your TikTok page, they’ll be more inclined to follow you to be the first to hear about any major news or music releases. You might also discuss your musical career path. Where did you originate? How did you get to this location? Provide fans with a glimpse of your history, present, and future. For documenting journey musicians use TikTok to grow fanbase.

10. Cheer their fans

Using a humorous sketch or skit, let your natural charm emerge and make your audience laugh. You may compose and publish skits based on daily popular hashtags on the app. This need not be tied to music, but think if it were! Bonus points if you can do so while maintaining humor.

Create amusing new lyrics to a popular song that are relevant to the trending subjects on the internet. If the joke is more of an inside joke, i.e., exclusive to a certain group of people or niche, you will be able to provide wonderful material that everyone can appreciate while also connecting more directly with a smaller group.


TikTok is the best platform for influencers to show their creativity and increase their fanbase. Its music features are the cherry on the cake that helps musicians to create a personal touch with followers. An ample amount of musicians use TikTok to make collaborations and express their opinions about recent trends. If you want to be one of them then share this blog for your personal guide in the future. We hope you find our blog helpful and discovered 10 ways musicians use TikTok for growing fanbase.

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