9 Hidden Features of iPhone you must know today

9 Furious Hidden Features of iPhone you must know today | The Entrepreneur Review

iPhones may not be as configurable, but in terms of functionality, they are on pace with Android equivalents. With each new iOS version, Apple releases a slew of exciting new features and techniques, some of which they demonstrate at their Keynote and others which they allow for customers to discover on their own. Therefore, if you’re seeking for some undiscovered Hidden Features of iPhone to help you get the most out of your gadget.

Here are 9 Hidden Features of iPhone you must know today;

1. Prioritize app downloads using 3D Touch.

This is very useful when downloading many programs at the same time. You may use this to prioritize a certain app to download first Hidden Features of iPhone so that it is available to use as soon as possible. Just 3D Touch the downloading app and pick “Prioritize Download” to do this.

9 Furious Hidden Features of iPhone you must know today | The Entrepreneur Review

When you do this, the iPhone prioritizes downloading that app, so it downloads quicker than the other applications. This is especially useful if you’ve reset your iPhone and are installing all of your applications again.

2. Request that Siri announce caller names.

This tool is quite beneficial to me, particularly when driving. When you activate this function, anytime you get a call, Siri will give out the name of the caller, and you won’t have to pull the phone out of your pocket to see whether it’s an essential call. Just follow the instructions below to activate this valuable Hidden Features of iPhone:

Go to “Settings -> Phone”. Turn on Announce Calls by tapping on it here.

You may now choose when Siri should announce the caller’s name.

3. Make use of your iPhone’s camera as a magnifying glass.

You may already be making use of iOS’s “zoom” function. It is a really useful function that allows you to enlarge anything on your iPhone screen and read it comfortably without the need for glasses. You may use magnifier to turn your iPhone’s camera into a magnifying glass. This enables you to read the incredibly small text on the rear of goods boxes and the like. Just follow the instructions below to utilize the magnifier Hidden Features of iPhone:

9 Furious Hidden Features of iPhone you must know today | The Entrepreneur Review

Go to Settings -> General. Choose “Accessibility” from the drop-down menu.

Next, press the “Magnifier” button.

Just turn the switch on.

Now, if you triple-click the home button, you’ll be led to a camera interface with a zoom slider on the bottom that you may modify. Through this interface, you may also take images, modify the white balance, and do other things.

4. Mark your parking spot automatically

iOS 10 is intelligent enough to recognize when you park your vehicle and immediately mark it on the map with a pin. This makes it easy to find your automobile later on when you’re looking for it. To utilize this function, you must have a CarPlay-enabled vehicle or a vehicle with a Bluetooth-enabled radio. It is simple to enable the Hidden Features of iPhone:

Go to Settings -> Maps. Go down to the bottom and turn the toggle next to “Show Parked Location” on.

That’s all. Your iPhone will now automatically remember where you parked your vehicle, and you can view the highlighted position in Apple Maps. Other map services, such as Google Maps, are not available because… Apple.

5. Use Restrictions to Hide Applications

If you want to hide applications on your iPhone, you’ve probably noticed that there isn’t a true choice (or app) to do so. You may, however, use this approach to conceal applications on your iPhone. If you wish to conceal stock applications, you may just erase them from your iPhone, since iOS 10 does not destroy them, but merely hides them. Even if you’re not connected to the internet, you can restore them through the App Store.

It is more difficult to conceal third-party programs since there is no method to hide individual apps. You may, however, limit applications by age, which will cause your iPhone to hide apps that do not fall inside the permitted age range. To illustrate, if you wanted to conceal Tinder on your iPhone, you could do it this Hidden Features of iPhone by following the steps below:

9 Furious Hidden Features of iPhone you must know today | The Entrepreneur Review

To begin, go to the App Store and search for Tinder. The app’s age rating will be shown in the App Store listing. Tinder is intended for those aged 17 and over.

Go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions now.

Tap “Apps” and then “12+” from this menu. This will be detrimental.

Return to your home screen, and you’ll see that Tinder is no longer displayed. The hitch is that if you have many applications that are classified 17+, they will all be hidden, even if you just meant to conceal one of them.

6. SOS Emergency

I hope you never have to use this function, but it’s nice to have it set up just in case. With this function activated on your iPhone, you may swiftly touch the sleep/wake button three times (or five times if you like) to automatically summon emergency services and send a message to your emergency contacts informing them of your position. Just follow the instructions below to activate this Hidden Features of iPhone:

Navigate to Settings -> General -> Emergency SOS

Activate the toggle next to “Click Sleep/Wake to Auto Call” and choose whether you wish to enable Emergency SOS with three or five clicks.

7. Talk Screen with Siri

One of the best ways to utilize Siri is to have it read aloud the text on your iPhone’s screen. This effectively transforms Siri into a screen reader. To utilize this Hidden Features of iPhone, take these steps:

9 Furious Hidden Features of iPhone you must know today | The Entrepreneur Review

Open any text-based website, eBook, or note. Start Siri and say “Speak Screen” to activate it.

The words on the screen will then be read aloud by Siri. You may change the pace at which Siri says the text by using the on-screen settings.

8. Save Links, Emails, Notes, and More with Siri

If you use an app like Pocket to store links to see later, you may erase them from your iPhone. Siri can assist you in doing the same, and with simplicity. To utilize Siri for storing links, merely open the website, email, or note that you wish to save; start Siri, and say “Remind me about this later”. Siri will then add it to your reminders, along with the app icon, which you may press to access the stored link immediately.

9 Furious Hidden Features of iPhone you must know today | The Entrepreneur Review

9. End a phone or FaceTime conversation with Siri

Siri can do a lot of things. You can use the virtual assistant to send text messages, seek directions, or listen to music, but she can’t hang up the phone. Isn’t it strange? With iOS 16, it is now a possibility.

Go to Siri & Search in Settings and make sure Listen for “Hello Siri” is turned on. If it is, a new option called Call Hang Up should appear underneath it. Enter that option and turn on Call Hang Up. Just say, “Hello, Siri,” and ask her to end your current phone conversation or FaceTime video session. Listen for “Hello Siri” must be enabled first for this to operate.

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