10 Best Project Management Tools for Learning and Development

10 Best Project Management Tools for Learning and Development | The Entrepreneur Review

In other words, you should value your time highly. There are a lot of moving parts in training and development, so it’s important to keep everything well organized. eLearning project management solutions are fantastic, and we at Learn Upon couldn’t be happier about it. Several of these resources have been put to good use by our teams, and we highly recommend them. To assist you sort through the clutter of the many options, we have compiled a list of the Project Management Tools we find most useful. Become familiar with your options and choose the one that speaks to you most.

Here are the 10 Effective Project Management Tools for Learning and Development;

1. Wrike

Wrike, one of the most popular project management apps, is a great choice for large groups. It’s loaded with useful tools that facilitate the development and execution of a training strategy by you and your team. With the Gantt chart function, you can create a visual timeline for your team to follow along with. Groups, dashboards, and processes may all be modified to better serve your organization using effective project management tools. Zapier, Gmail, and Box are just a handful of the many available integrations.

2. G Suite

Google’s suite of work-related apps is called G Suite. Google Drive, a cloud storage service somewhat similar to Dropbox, is one example. Its popularity has exploded in recent years due to its simplicity of use and practicality using effective project management tools. You and your team will never lose track of an eLearning project file again because to the streamlined process of storing, controlling access, and sharing documents. In addition to Docs, Sheets, and Slides, G Suite gives you access to a number of additional helpful applications.

10 Effective Project Management Tools for Learning and Development | the Entrepreneur Review

Make and refine content with the help of these instruments. You may map out the whole eLearning workflow, design interactive courses, and monitor your training expenditures if you want. The fact that work may be done with others is its main selling point. Everyone on your team can be on the same page thanks to collaborative document editing. As an added bonus for managing eLearning projects, all changes and updates are tracked and can be easily seen by team members using Project Management Tools.

3. Trello

We have found Trello to be the most useful and widely discussed project management solution available. Tasks may be easily relocated using the program’s “drag and drop” features. You can quickly and easily delegate work to a specific team member with just a click. With boards in place, you can be certain that your teams and projects will run smoothly, free of distractions. Its price structure is ideal for expanding teams since it begins with a free option and allows you to upgrade to a premium plan as your requirements change.

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4. WeTransfer

As ubiquitous as it is now, working with teams and coworkers who are located in different physical locations may provide its own unique set of obstacles. Thankfully, there are services like WeTransfer that simplify things a little. WeTransfer allows you the free transfer of up to 2 GB of data at once. You may just send the files by uploading effective project management tools.

Others that work with you but don’t have access to your shared storage may now easily exchange files with each other. An example would be a subject matter expert who has to submit a file in support of one of your courses. WeTransfer Plus is a premium service that increases the maximum file size you may send to 20 GB, making it suitable for those with more extensive file-sharing requirements.

5. Basecamp

The Social Learning and Development Group uses Basecamp as its project management platform. It shares many characteristics with similar programs while also presenting some welcome variations in Project Management Tools. Message boards allow your team to communicate, solicit input, and find solutions to problems all in one central location. You may also reach the whole staff in a chatroom in which you can post your inquiries. In addition, you can set up automated daily questions to be sent to your whole staff. You may get your team talking by inquiring about their progress, or by soliciting suggestions for future eLearning courses.

10 Effective Project Management Tools for Learning and Development | the Entrepreneur Review

6. Monday.com

Monday.com, formerly dapulse, is another well-known scheduling alternative. It works well for making lists, facilitating discussion within groups, and keeping tabs on progress. It also provides a plethora of downloadable and usable planning and project management templates. Training groups may choose from a variety of options, including employee onboarding, content development, and video creation of effective project management tools.

7. Teamwork

Teamwork has developed from its original function as a project management tool into a full-fledged collaborative environment with effective project management tools. The company provides a sales CRM in addition to Teamwork Projects, Teamwork Spaces, Teamwork Desk, and Teamwork Chat for managing projects, documents, and communications, respectively. Small companies and sole proprietors alike utilize Teamwork, and the company counts Disney, Paypal, Spotify, and Netflix among its clientele.

8. Calendly

Outside resources are typically required for successful eLearning project management. This is when Calendly comes in handy. Calendly is a meeting scheduling application with a simple premise and very excellent delivery. It automates your team’s schedule to make it easy to see who is free, limits the number of meetings any member of the team may be in at once, and does much more besides effective project management tools. The procedure of scheduling meetings to discuss the demoing of a learning management system (LMS) or the purchase of an authoring tool for online learning is straightforward. It works with the calendars you already use, including those from Google, Microsoft, and iCloud.

9. Dropbox

Dropbox, one of the first cloud storage solutions, describes itself as a “central location to access and exchange data,” which is an accurate description. In addition, it is quite easy to utilize while transferring files with others. It’s a useful tool for restricting access to eLearning materials that should only be seen by a select group of employees. With Dropbox, your data is safe, secure, and easily accessible an effective project management tools.

10 Effective Project Management Tools for Learning and Development | the Entrepreneur Review

10. Evernote

Several members of our team find that Evernote is one of the most useful tools for planning and managing eLearning projects, especially whether working alone or in a small group of effective project management tools. You’ll find that Evernote is tailor-made for the person who makes lists with careful precision. Your files, notes, and checklists may all be kept in one convenient location. Sharing and collaborating with teams is simplified with the help of these tools. Furthermore, check out WebClipper, a screenshot-taking tool developed by Evernote.


Project management tools are necessary for efficient learning and development in the eLearning industry. They save time and increase productivity by keeping everything organized. Choosing the right tool can be overwhelming, but becoming familiar with the best options available can help. Learn Upon recommends several tools on their list for anyone in the eLearning industry looking to streamline their workflow and optimize productivity.


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