7 Easy Steps to Creating Better Podcast Show Notes

7 Easy Steps to Create Better Podcast Show Notes | The Entrepreneur Review

Podcast show notes can enhance the audience experience and help listeners get more out of your podcast. Creating Better Podcast Show Notes will boost the reach of your podcast, make it more accessible, and help you repurpose your podcast content.

Here are 7 Easy Steps for Creating Better Podcast Show Notes;

1. Write show notes for your podcast episode as you plan it.

A content outline will help you get ready for recording your podcast episode and give you a good starting point for creating better podcast show notes. Use this outline of content to organize your ideas and plan out your show notes.

Once you know how the beginning, middle, and end of your podcast episode will look, you can add the resources you’ll be talking about in each section.

2. Make them short and to the point.

Even though you don’t want to miss any important details, creating better podcast show notes shouldn’t be too long. They should be easy to skim and make it easy for people to find the link they want quickly.

Podcast Show Notes are not a written version of the episode. Instead, they are where you tell listeners where they can find out more.

3. Add biographies of the speakers and other background information

Give a short description of each of your guests. Tell the people who read your blog who they are and why they are on your show. Don’t tell anyone how they solved a problem or what their best advice is for anything. Instead, use it as a sneak peek to show why they should watch. Include links to any books they’ve written, episodes they’ve hosted, or videos they’ve shown, as well as their social media pages.

7 Easy Steps for Creating Better Podcast Show Notes | The Entrepreneur Review

So, people who want to can find out more about your guests if they are interested. Podcast In the show notes for The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett, there is a detailed biography of each of his guests:

4. Go over all the important points

Write a summary of everything you and your guests talk about in the episode without giving away too many details. After reading your notes, they should want to hear more.

Use the outline you made for your podcast to guide your notes, and don’t forget to add any other topics you talked about in the episode. It’s easy for conversations to go off track, so your show notes should include everything you talked about in that episode.

5. List all the resources you talk about in the show.

There’s nothing more annoying than listening to an interesting podcast episode and then not being able to find the link to the other podcast episode or article the host mentioned.

Include links to any data, tools, quotes, sources, videos, or other things you talk about. This lets people who are interested find out more about your topic or check any information. Even if no one clicks on the links, including them makes you a more credible podcaster.

7 Easy Steps for Creating Better Podcast Show Notes | The Entrepreneur Review

Your show notes should have links to all of the resources you talk about in the episode. Make sure to add all of the links to articles, videos, and podcast episodes. So, your listeners won’t have to look around for the information they’re looking for.

If you want to make the most money from your podcast episodes, you could also set up affiliate links for the tools, products, or businesses you talk about in the episode. If someone clicks on your link and buys something, you can get a commission.

6. Use a format that is clear and easy to read.

Creating better podcast show notes easy to skim and read when you write them. People usually don’t read every word on a page, so it’s important that they can quickly find the information they need in your show notes.

Write headings that are clear and explain what each section is about. The goal is to lead people right to what they need. When you can, use lists and bullet points to give your writing some structure and make it easy to read.

If you do use paragraphs, keep them brief. Write between two and four lines, and make sure that when the text is collapsed on mobile devices, it doesn’t take up more than five or six lines.

Make sure your listeners know what to do next by telling them. Include at least one call to action (CTA) so that people can click through to see a full audio transcript or do something else, like watch a related video or sign up for your email newsletter.

7. Include key quotes

Using key quotes throughout the Podcast Show Notes will help you keep a clear structure and list all the main points from the episode.

7 Easy Steps for Creating Better Podcast Show Notes | The Entrepreneur Review

You could also put a time stamp next to each quote so people can find it in your episode. Add a line of explanation next to each quote so that readers can understand what each one is about. Be careful not to give away too much, though, because you don’t want to give away all the good parts of the episode.


Citing that a podcast is meant for aural consumption, many podcasters overlook show notes. However, creating better podcast show notes is what makes a good podcast better, helping listeners learn about particular topics they might be curious about. The listeners are at the core of any podcast, and having listener-friendly show notes increase your chances of retaining those listeners.

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