How to Get the Best Podcast Guests?

How to Find the Best Podcast Guests? 11 Best Tips | The Entrepreneur Review

Podcasts attract listeners because they provide an opportunity to get insight from voices that would otherwise be inaccessible. By listening to a podcast, one may feel like a fly in the wall in a one-on-one chat between the presenter and an interesting guest. When people tune in, they hear information, ideas, and opinions they wouldn’t otherwise encounter.

Find the best podcast guests might be beneficial for the host as well. You’ll get some free advertising, some serious street cred, and some really spectacular material for the episode. If you’re just getting started with podcasting, you may be asking where to get guests. So, here are some of the finest methods to get in touch with and hire guests for your program.

Here is How to Find the Best Podcast Guests:

1. Get the ball rolling by reaching out to individuals you already know and are already connected to.

It’s best to begin with individuals you already know, especially if you’re just getting started in the podcasting business or in your specific expertise. There are certainly a few of people in your social circle who can contribute to the success of your presentation. Think about the people you know well, who they are, and what they are good at, and use that to come up with a theme for an episode in which they are the guest.

Join forces with a close pal, a contact in the business world, or perhaps a relative to produce a smashing episode. After you’ve finished recording, you should ask them to put you in touch with other professionals in the field. This is a certain method of attracting and retaining a steady stream of quality fireside company.

2. Go attend conventions that are in line with your specialty.

How to Find the Best Podcast Guests? 11 Best Tips | The Entrepreneur Review

Events in a certain field are excellent opportunities to meet new people and make connections to find the best podcast guests. You may network with like-minded individuals while simultaneously enjoying face-to-face time with like-minded individuals. Meeting a prospective podcast guest in person might help you determine whether you have strong chemistry with them.

3. Let people submit requests to appear on your program.

The idea is fantastic! Having a “request to be on the program” form on your website will help you find the best podcast guests. Create a form for people to fill out on your website, or utilize an external app for that purpose. Have your prospective guests fill out a questionnaire so you always have interested people looking to join you on air.

You may also specify some basic requirements for prospective visitors to help them understand why they may be rejected. Perhaps they need to have some kind of online presence, or an actual company, or a tangible item or service. Include a section for people to suggest topics for future episodes so you can get a feel for the kinds of things they’d be interested in hearing about.

4. Create a promotional deck using your brand’s colors and fonts to attract new customers.

Sending a brief email to introduce oneself is a terrific approach to break the ice with a new contact. But the manner in which you extend your hand may make all the difference. Instead of writing a lengthy email explaining who you are, what your program is about, and how valuable you are, think strategically is important to find the best podcast guests.

Make contact by sending a media package or advertising deck with your brand’s name on it. The promo may be a basic, branded PDF with a one-page explanation of who you are, what your program is about, and the kind of material you often provide. Include a photo of yourself, your social network accounts, any pertinent statistics, and information about your target audience, if you choose.

Put your best foot forward and convince us why we need to see you and your act. That way, your first contact with someone will seem more casual and conversational, but those interested in a snapshot or your show will have access to additional information.

5. Don’t be afraid to join a few groups on Facebook.

It may come as a surprise, but Facebook groups are a gold mine to find the best podcast guests. You may find an abundance of potential podcast guests if you participate in groups that are linked to your podcast’s topic.

How to Find the Best Podcast Guests? 11 Best Tips | The Entrepreneur Review

Direct message people who contribute often and insightfully to the group. Find out as much as you can about the group’s participants and leaders. Perhaps one of them would be an excellent first interviewee for a podcast.

6. Investigate TV series that could interest you.

Collaboration, rather than rivalry, is essential when trying to get fresh guests for your program. That’s why it’s a good idea to find the best podcast guests in your field to appear on your program.

Do some digging to identify similar podcasts that have a similar focus. Then, give a few episodes a spin to see whether you like them. Send them an email or a DM and ask if they’d be interested in exchanging podcast interviews with you if you think the two of you would have a good dynamic together. In fact, it’s as simple as that!

7. Discover what podcasts, blogs, and companies are popular with your intended audience.

In hosting a podcast, you don’t only stick to making episodes about things you know a lot about. After all, you wouldn’t have visitors if you didn’t want to learn something new from their perspective on topics in which you aren’t an expert. Having interesting people on your program might help you think of topics that will interest your audience.

Create a list of potential interests to find the best podcast guests for your audience, and then investigate the most successful artists and entrepreneurs in those areas. If your podcast is focused on healthy eating and living, your listeners may like hearing about exercise, nutrition, and culinary advice. Even though your podcast is focused on politics, the people who listen to it may also be interested in things like journalism, the news, and charitable organizations. Find podcasts, websites, and companies that cater to your audience’s interests so you may include them on your program.

8. You may get recommendations from your audience if you ask them.

When it comes to making a successful podcast, your listeners are the single most crucial factor. They should be asked who they wish to listen to. Your audience will greatly value feeling like they’re a part of the dialogue. And they will provide some fresh and exciting ideas, we assure you.

If you have a large social media following, you can also ask for recommendations by making a call for them; just be sure to name any possible attendees in the post. Perhaps a public invitation worded playfully cheekily would accomplish the job.

9. Make online contact with prospective visitors.

It might be intimidating to contact a complete stranger and find the best podcast guests if you have no prior relationship with them. Avoid any embarrassment by getting to know prospective visitors on a personal level before making any overt approaches to them. If you want to have them on your program, you should follow them.

Make a genuine effort to find the best podcast guests an interact on their blog and other social media platforms. Get to know them on social media first, then invite them to take part in a podcast discussion with you. The trick is to introduce yourself and build a rapport with them first, then send them an email inviting them to appear on your program.

10. Don’t be shy about contacting your favorite artists.

When compiling a list to find the best podcast guests, content providers of all stripes make a great jumping-off point. Creators of content are used to being interviewed, find pleasure in striking up conversations, and are not shy about putting themselves out there. Their willingness to use another person’s audience to spread their own message is usual.

How to Find the Best Podcast Guests? 11 Best Tips | The Entrepreneur Review

Then, in many respects, they are the perfect host. To begin, just compile a list of your favorite authors and start contacting them. You might contact them by email or social media. Make sure the social media account you’re reaching out from has a solid, good brand presence. Discover more about online identity and branding RIGHT HERE!

11. Those who have future releases should be invited.

The finest outcomes can be obtained using this approach. You should always be on the lookout for new releases from your favorite companies, influencers, enterprises, and celebrities. When a product is set to hit the market, its creators are usually quite excited to spread the word and get exposure.

They may benefit from listening to your podcast in this regard. If you want to help promote their new product and your audience, get them on your program to talk about it. Listen to this podcast to learn more about the emotions experienced by influencers throughout the product launch process.


The most important thing is knowing what your audience likes and dislikes, and what keeps them hooked to your podcast. To find the best podcast Guests, ensure that the invited personality gets some value out of their appearance. When we say value, it does not HAVE to be monetary, it could vary from person to person. Sometimes the value could simply be their genuine interest in talking about the topic, or it could be that they subtly (or not so subtly) want to plug their own brand or products and services. In the end, see what works best for you to achieve the goal of catering to your niche efficiently while making the experience enjoyable for everyone involved.

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