Matthew Chang: An Innovative Leader Revolutionizing Autonomous Systems

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In the world of business leadership, The Entrepreneur Review finds an exceptional figure whose knowledge and forward-thinking approach are driving an entire industry towards new levels of innovation and prosperity. This remarkable leader is Matthew Chang (Founder of Chang Industrial), a pioneer celebrated for revolutionizing the engineering sector through unwavering commitment and insightful planning.

He isn’t just a prominent business figure; he’s a trailblazer, a disruptor, and a driving force for change. Throughout his career, Matthew has skillfully used his experience and expertise to transform how the industry operates.

What truly sets him apart is his ability to quickly anticipate industry trends and adapt to shifting landscapes.

Featuring for The Entrepreneur Review’s this issue is the iconic leader himself, Matthew Chang.

Matthew’s Journey to Chang Industrial

Matthew graduated from high school as the cadet commander of his Navy Junior ROTC. With a naval scholarship to Georgia Tech, Matthew decided to become an engineer of the armed forces. That all changed when ROTC was downsized in the last wave of the military sequester. Following this Matthew decided to stay at Georgia Tech and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Adding to that, Matthew also completed his Executive Master of Business Administration from Jacksonville University.

“For 15 years I developed my skills as an engineer, working in design-build construction across the globe.  During my career I’ve had the pleasure of working in the UAE, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, France, China, Thailand, Costa Rica, and the USA. After distinguishing myself in factory design and automation design, I was recruited by the City of Jacksonville to be the first automation expert employed by the JTA (Jacksonville Transportation Authority).”, Matthew adds.

He later had the honor of serving the community by developing the future of transportation in a safe and equitable way.

“Our solution was to use autonomous vehicles instead of fixed infrastructure.”

As Matthew puts it, starting Chang Industrial was the ultimate expression of his desire to innovate, design, build, and create a team. With Chang Industrial, Matthew and his team have now launched subsidiaries focused on electric vehicles, intellectual property, and robotics.

Paired with his pursuit of innovation and disrupting the industry, Matthew also always looks for ways to serve the community. He is on the Board of Advisors for Jacksonville University, Board of Directors for Lifework Leadership and leads a youth group of middle school students at church.

In 2023, Matthew founded the Jacksonville Venture Competition (JVC) with the mission of building a world-class startup community in Jacksonville by creating access to early-stage company funding, e.g. venture capital.

Spearheading Success

Professionally speaking: Chang Industrial has twice been awarded “Fastest Growing Companies” by the Jacksonville Business Journal. Matthew has been awarded 40 under 40 in multiple publications and selected as a Top Entrepreneur. Chang Industrial has been designated as a “Tech Leader” and been named top 10 supply chain companies globally. 

Matthew Chang is a dual licensed engineer in the USA and China, which is rare for engineers on the global stage. Northwestern University has invited Chang Industrial into their INVO innovation campus, where the company now has an office and laboratory. One of the most important achievements for Chang Industrial was when the State of Florida recognized the company as a DBE, disadvantaged business enterprise.

Besides leading his company to uncharted successes, Matthew also loves to teach and has been a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School, a keynote speaker for the Ohio Council of Governments, keynote speaker at the Autonomous Robotics Conference, and a speaker for TEDx Jacksonville.

“All of these accolades are great, but they are nothing if not used to glorify the Lord.  That’s our goal every day – to make much of Him who gave us everything.”

The Journey of Chang Industrial

Matthew started Chang Industrial after a kerfuffle caused him to leave his engineering job.

“I always wanted to be a full-time entrepreneur and see if I could replicate the success of the large companies I’d worked for in the past.”

Over the years Matthew started several small ventures prior to Chang Industrial’s founding, earning revenue, but ultimately fizzling out. He started Chang Industrial during the adversity of abruptly losing his job along with his whole team, which he had built from the bottom. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it gave Matthew the freedom to start his own engineering firm.

Triumphing Over Hurdles

It can feel hard to achieve big things when as a small company.  Balancing the desire to “go big” and achieve with the discipline required for foundation building is really challenging.  Chang Industrial is an engineering company focused on innovative technologies adhering to Christian principles and a biblical worldview.  These principles keep the company grounded.  The company is devoted to tithing, donating 10% of profits, and serving the community for 10% of hours worked, tithing on time.  

“Staying grounded to our values has led to our success.”

Chang Industrial has since opened three subsidiary companies, IP Studio, Robot Studio, and Kodiak Technologies. The company has also opened branch offices in the Denver area and Chicago area. 

As a result of the company’s progress, the firm has earned its first technology and process patents and secured significant global distributorships with robot and technology manufacturers. Along with being a Christian company, Chang Industrial holds close to its values: Generosity, Diversity, Mentorship, Integrity, Exceptional Accountability, and Innovative Thinking.

These values have created a very strong culture at Chang Industrial.  It is these values that drive company culture and decisions that have contributed to Chang Industrial’s emerging success.

“To overcome our roadblocks, I encourage strategic thinking in every decision at Chang Industrial.”, Matthew further adds.

The team at Chang Industrial always tries to make a system more efficient, reinvent the process, and think outside the box.

“I try to be a leader that makes strategic decisions to benefit the clients and to push the industry forward.”

Products and Services of Chang Industrial

“Simply said, we design robotic systems.”

However, Chang Industrial not only stops at that, but is capable of much more. Chang Industrial specializes in helping companies understand and implement transformative innovation, originally in the advanced manufacturing and e-commerce sectors.  The company has a bias for autonomous and scalable systems.

The company’s expertise has also led them to the healthcare industry and smart-city space, both of which are demanding more autonomous system design.

“Our designs have huge implications on workforce, stakeholders, future proofing, finance, supply chain, and the digital strategy of firms.”

The goal is to help organizations place those implications into proper context and create a success plan that balances all of the factors at play.

What the Future Holds

“Every day, we are committed to achieving excellence and leading our industry while tapping into our team’s creativity to the fullest.”

Chang Industrial has made significant strides in innovation, including designing and implementing three of the world’s largest autonomous vehicle systems, showcasing dedication to cutting-edge technology.

Additionally, they have been pioneers in creating highly comprehensive IIoT systems, transforming how industries operate to enhance efficiency. The company has also broken new ground in finance and business case development for automation systems, setting higher standards for cost-effectiveness and practicality.

The team’s driving motivation is a deep sense of urgency. They understand the value of time in a fast-changing world and are determined to be a positive force in shaping that change.

As the global landscape evolves, the company is not just keeping up; Chang Industrial is actively shaping a better future.

“Our mission is straightforward: to lead, innovate, and have a meaningful impact in a world where every moment matters.”


Innovation is the Key to Growth: Matthew’s Views on the Ever Evolving Landscape

“Innovation has always been a cornerstone of American progress, deeply rooted in our nation’s history. Since its beginning, the United States has not only championed important ideals but has also been a pioneer in developing groundbreaking technologies. At Chang Industrial, we take pride in continuing this legacy of innovation.

For us, innovation is not just a buzzword; it’s the foundation of our business philosophy. We are dedicated to a never-ending journey of discovery, constantly seeking new ways to break barriers and make advancements. We understand that innovation is not just an option; it’s a duty we fully embrace.

A core mission of ours is to collaborate with partners who share our unwavering commitment to innovation. We believe in the strength of teamwork, uniting with those who value creating groundbreaking solutions as much as we do. Together, we amplify our ability to drive progress and achieve more.

Over time, we’ve devoted ourselves to creating systems and methods that streamline the path to innovation. Our goal is to make this journey shorter, more efficient, and results more reliable. We recognize that innovation isn’t just about having ideas; it’s about turning those ideas into practical solutions that transform industries and improve lives.

As we move forward, we carry the legacy of American innovation with us, and we’re determined not only to uphold it but also to push its boundaries further. At Chang Industrial, innovation isn’t just a part of our business; it’s at the core of our identity, and it’s a legacy we aim to pass on to future generations.”

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