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There are numerous hurdles that firms and businesses must overcome as they drive for digital transformation and the online marketplace emerges. In order to smoothly transition your business processes to the internet, you’ll need industry experts.

Oracle is among the top contenders when it comes to experts in the area. Numerous independent software vendors, enterprises, and other entities receive resources and benefits from several Oracle partner organizations in order to supply them with top-notch services like CRM, CX, and other things.

We found SoftClouds LLC while searching for some of the top Oracle partners. One of the best and most successful Oracle partners is SoftClouds. They provide all-inclusive solutions with the highest quality and dependability. They are masters at elevating CX due to their background in offering specialized architectural solutions as well as their position as an Oracle Platinum Partner.

Redefining digital transformation with SoftClouds LLC

With the primary goal of “guiding enterprises through their CRM/CX digital transformation,” SoftClouds LLC set out on its adventure in 2005. Through the provision of original, imaginative, and consulting solutions, they intended to fulfil their purpose.

Their client-focused vision distinguishes them as one of the top and most sought-after solution providers in the sector. They ensure that their workforce is aware of the vision and objectives of the client. Because of this, they are able to offer cutting-edge solutions that produce successful outcomes, valuable benefits, and seamless transformations.

They have implemented technological solutions in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare. The team is made up of seasoned professionals and highly skilled workers who thrive on innovation to deliver cutting-edge solutions that improve client experiences. In 2020, the group received the highly esteemed and valued “Company of the Year – Stevie Gold Winner Award.”

These elements, combined with the company’s basic principles and relentless pursuit of excellence, have helped to establish SoftClouds as a reliable business advisor who can provide the finest solutions for your organizations.

The organization and its employees have received numerous awards and accomplishments as a result of the 16+ year journey. They earned well-deserved spots on the “Inc. 5000” list of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the USA three times in a row, among other prestigious accolades and recognitions.

What motivated SoftClouds LLC on their journey to success?

SoftClouds was created from the ground up with innovation for the future in mind. Finding a consumer base that would support their far-sighted vision was their first challenge. Because they were among the first entrants in the field, much ahead of their time, and prepared to offer a service of the future!

They began collaborating closely with their customers, learning about their goals and wants, and educating them about the value of data, customization, and personalization.

SoftClouds LLC put a strong emphasis on hyper-individualization, customization, and a superior customer experience that empowered users and gave clients a quicker return on investment. Customers may observe immediate effects that aided in customer management, relationships with customers, and ROI.

SoftClouds has reached new heights thanks to the company’s excellent client-centric approach, highly technical and skilled team with diversified experience across several industries, and talent for innovation and creativity.

The team stands out from the competitors in the market because of its emphasis on gaining knowledge, experience, innovation, and productivity in putting solutions into practise. The business community has come to rely on the specialists at SoftClouds LLC as the key to digital transformation because of their track record of devoted and extraordinarily satisfied customers.

Additionally, because of this trust, they received customer recommendations, which helped them develop into a high-quality solution provider and forge lasting connections. Additionally, they started implementing the essential modifications to evolve and adjust to the demands of their clients, including technology advancements and process-oriented teams that established procedures for the delivery of creative work.

With the help of this, SoftClouds LLC was able to grow into other industries and open operations in India and, most recently, Japan. All of these elements helped them prosper, win widespread acclaim, and establish themselves as the greatest in their field.

Factors determining SoftCloud’s enduring success

Without a doubt, the exceptional workforce at SoftClouds LLC is what supports the success of the business. SoftClouds LLC is pleased to be a “employee-focused” company and is steadfast in its conviction that productive staff produce results that leave clients feeling extremely delighted.

They think that the company’s success depends on keeping up with new and developing technologies. They are able to stay up with the rapidly evolving technological environment thanks to their creative, strategic, and inventive thoughts.

The past 16+ years have seen the company grow rapidly. On their path to success, they have gotten both positive and negative comments, and they respect both equally. The good things bolstered their spirits, while the bad things motivated them to improve all facets of their firm.

Their strategy and perspective on the value of criticism keeps them on the correct track to success and inspires them to set the pace for the industry’s learning curve as well.

Here are a few achievements since the start:

  • A top-notch staff that is committed to providing superior and unique solutions.
  • From one office in the US to four offices in three separate countries, the number of offices worldwide expanded (US, India, and Japan).
  • More than 25 Awards, including Stevie Awards, Inc5000, and other international industry-leading magazines, have been given in the last few years for innovation, solutions, and CX.
  • Honors from partners and clients, most notably the Oracle Partner of the Year Award.
  • Team members are well-known and serve as keynote presenters at the most prestigious technology and customer experience conferences, including Oracle OpenWorld, IBM Think, etc.
  • Known for developing novel solutions and having earned numerous honors.

Unrivaled service offerings of SoftClouds LLC

SoftClouds takes the perspective of the clients as the top priority to create solutions, forming the right strategy to solve each problem. They understand that every client’s vision and business is unique and they aim to offer the best possible solutions to meet their business goals.

They highly focus on Oracle CRM/CX solutions like Sales & Service Cloud, CPQ, Commerce & Subscription Cloud, and B2B Service Cloud providing users with the very best Customer Experience. SoftClouds LLC and its team strive to take CX to the next level and that is the reason their clients are elated by their outstanding, innovative, creative, and tailor-made solutions.

Their company’s progress is built on continuous innovation. They prioritize customer satisfaction and dedicate themselves to developing creative strategies that benefit their clients and their users. 

SoftClouds’s fast and efficient solutions delivery is one of their most valuable assets in moving forward with technology, latest trends, and practices. As new technology evolves, so do they, thus never staying in the now, but always planning, and pushing towards the next horizon!

New additions to the service arsenal of SoftClouds LLC

As a forward-thinking technology solutions provider, the team has always emphasized creativity and cutting-edge innovation. This has not only ensured a leading and leap-ahead position in the market but also has deepened their relationship with their clients. 

They offer CRM/CX technologies and implementations along with Digital Transformation expertise solutions; they also integrate cutting-edge technology such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics to push the boundaries of customer experience.

Flag Bearers at SoftClouds LLC

The company has not only evolved over the 16+ years of its journey but so has its team and management. What started as a leap towards the future, has now become a well-known and established brand, taking CX and Digital Transformation to the future. 

This belief and dedication towards setting benchmarks in the industry and establishing SoftCloud require a team of strong principles, experience, exceptional skills, and capabilities. Beyond all of this, the company needs an equally talented, skilled, visionary, and a beacon for all. In comes the management and leadership at SoftClouds, being one of the most talented and experts in the field, with an unparalleled vision and leadership that knows no limits. 

Brian Friedman – The GVP of Strategic Global Sales of SoftClouds

As the proprietor of one of the first four cellular retail businesses in the US, Brian became involved in mobile technology in its very early stages. As a result of the company’s newness and unproven offerings, there was no blueprint for running it.

He wrote regulations every day with the help of his crew. For nine years, Brain owned the business and saw an opportunity to transition cellular retailing to eCommerce. His team created a framework to allow the purchase of mobile phones and services online at a time when not everything could be purchased online.

The majority of the operators believed they were acting irrationally. They ultimately had all of them as clients, and one of them bought the platform. He received an experience from this that is hard to compare to and much harder to undervalue. Since then, he has been immersed in technology and moved to SoftClouds five years ago, aiding in its incredible expansion.

One of SoftClouds’ most valuable and knowledgeable resources has always been Brian. His accomplishments greatly exceed those of any other team in the sector and give SoftClouds a significant competitive advantage.

Brian established three distinct businesses in the cellular industry:

  • One of the first four US retailers of mobile devices.
  • One of the first businesses selling mobile phones and service contracts online.
  • One of the first independent Android app store platforms with direct carrier billing connections to cell carriers.

Brian’s thoughts on what it means to be an entrepreneur

A true jack-of-all-trades who is entirely accountable for the entire firm, in Brian’s opinion, is an entrepreneur. You must continually mentor and lead in order to be a successful entrepreneur and leader.

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