WhatsApp Introduces Instant Video Messages for Real-Time Chats

WhatsApp Introduces Instant Video Messages for Real-Time Chats | The Entrepreneur Review

WhatsApp, the popular chat app owned by Meta, is rolling out a new feature that allows users to record and share short personal videos directly within chats. In an official blog post on Thursday, WhatsApp announced that instant video messages will be made available to all users in the coming weeks.

What does the feature offer?

The company believes that video messages will offer a dynamic and real-time way for users to respond to chats with emotions and expressions. According to WhatsApp, these 60-second videos will add a fun element to interactions, making it easier to share memorable moments. Whether it’s sending birthday wishes, sharing a laugh over a joke, or conveying good news, Instant video messages aim to enrich communication on the platform.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, which owns Meta, shared a video demonstration of how the new feature works. Users will be able to access the video message feature through the existing voice message option or by tapping the video icon to switch to video recording mode. By pressing and holding the video camera icon, users can record their Instant video messages. An additional swipe-up will enable a hands-free recording mode.

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The User Experience

The Instant video messages will be circular in shape, and users can also switch to the front-facing camera, see the elapsed recording time, and swipe to the left to cancel the video. WhatsApp emphasized that these video messages will be encrypted end-to-end, ensuring user privacy and security.

Once received in a chat, the video messages will automatically play on mute, and tapping on them will enable the sound. Users can keep video messages in their chat history until they decide to delete them, allowing for easy retrieval of important memories.

Meta has been actively introducing new features to WhatsApp in recent months to enhance user experience. Some of the recent additions include channels to follow people and brands, chat locking for intimate conversations, the ability to edit sent messages, integration with Wear OS, and the option to use WhatsApp across multiple devices, with the ability to transfer messages to a new phone.


With the introduction of instant video messages, WhatsApp aims to stay competitive in the messaging app market and provide its users with a versatile and engaging communication platform. The rollout of this feature is expected to be completed in the coming weeks, giving users worldwide the opportunity to experience the joy of sharing real-time video moments with their friends and loved ones.

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