Top 10 Warehouses Globally

Top 10 Warehouses Globally | The Entrepreneur Review

In 2020, the Top Warehouses Globally will have done a good job in the market, which is driving up the need for warehouse services and solutions. How big is the world market for warehouses? By 2023, the warehouse market will be worth more than USD 265 billion more than it is now. The biggest reasons for this faster growth rate are the rise in automation and the demand for smart warehouses.

As e-Commerce sales of physical goods continue to skyrocket, you can expect demand for the services offered by the distribution centers on this list to keep going up. DHL Supply Chain North America is the best warehouse company, so we put it at the top of our list (Exel). The best warehouse companies in the world, XPO Logistics and Ryder Supply Chain Solutions, round out the top three.

As manufacturing keeps getting bigger, companies and their warehouses get bigger, too. We take a closer look at ten of the world’s most interesting warehouses that store and ship everything from food to airplanes.

Here are Top 10 Warehouses Globally;

1. NASA Vehicle Assembly Building, Florida

This warehouse is built so that NASA can put together the biggest spacecraft and parts. NASA Vehicle Assembly Building is considered as one of the Top Warehouses Globally, It covers over 8 acres of land and is located at Kennedy Space centre

2. Import warehouse for Target, Washington

Top 10 Warehouses Globally | The Entrepreneur Review

The Target import warehouse is in the south of Washington State. It is over two million square feet and handles all large imports and deliveries from overseas and is one of the one of the best Warehouses Globally. This is one of 44 different warehouses that are being watched.

3. Tesco distribution centre, Ireland

This distribution center is the 11th largest building in the world by volume, and it has more than 600 employees. Every week, the warehouse deals with more than 1.5 million cases and sends food and other items to 106 different stores though it is counted as one best Warehouses Globally .

4. Constellation Europe, United Kingdom

Constellation Europe is the biggest place in the UK and Europe where wine is sold. The building is about 80,000 square meters big, and more than 300 people work there. Hence it is one Top Warehouses Globally, 15% of the wine and alcohol sold in the UK goes through this warehouse.

5. Castle Donington M&S Warehouse

This high-tech distribution center is spread out over 900,000 square feet of land. The building has 16 million products and is fully automated. Each day, a million products are moved through the building. This warehouse is one of the best in the UK and Top Warehouses Globally, and it gets more than 2 million orders a week.

6. Michelin Woodruff U70

Top 10 Warehouses Globally | The Entrepreneur Review

This distribution center is the biggest warehouse for Michelin. It is close to the company’s headquarters. The building was made with sustainability in mind, and it is on a site that has 20% protected wetlands and is landscaped with native plants. The warehouse is about 3,300,000 square feet, and the Top Warehouses Globally, the land it is on is about 461 acres.

7. Dunfermline, Scotland, Amazon Warehouse

This distribution center is the biggest one Amazon has in the UK. It employs more than 1000 people. During the Christmas season, this warehouse can handle about 64 sales and orders per second and one of the Top Warehouses Globally out of the best 10. This is possible because Amazon labels the aisles and shelves carefully and hires more seasonal workers. The size of the building is 93,000 square meters.

8. DB Schenker’s Warehouse in Germany

One of the biggest logistics companies in the world, DB Schenker, has some of the biggest and most high-tech factories in the world. One factory is bigger than 21,000 square meters and one Top Warehouses Globally. There are more than 23,000 shelf spaces in this factory in Güstrow.

9. Volkswagen’s Car Towers, Wolfsburg, Germany

This car factory is where people can pick up their brand-new cars. The building also has an open-to-the-public museum with tours, guides, and a movie theater. The glass car storage tower that moves cars from storage to customers is the most interesting thing about this factory. Over 400 cars can fit in the tower itself therefore it is counted as the 2nd Top Warehouses Globally.

10. The Boeing factory in Everett, Washington

Top 10 Warehouses Globally | The Entrepreneur Review

All Boeing planes are put together at this factory, which is an airplane assembly plant. Since it was built in 1966, the factory has been expanded seven times to meet growing demand. The building is now the biggest in the world, hence is the top most Warehouses Globally with a volume of more than 13 million cubic meters .

Bottom line:

As we move forward in an era ruled by technology, warehouses globally are at the brisk of quite a change. As every company today is under the pressure to outperform, and to do more with less, efficiency has definitely become the name of the game. This is especially true for warehouses globally, as they play a critical role in the supply chain process. But, counting on the sophisticated nature of technologies, they are evolving to become more modern and efficient. With hyper-effective robotic technologies, drones and so much more, future warehouses globally will surely witness a massive change.

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