Tesla Rivian R1S has some Serious Concerns, Test-drive Results Show

Tesla Rivian R1S has some Serious Concerns, Test-drive Results Show | The Entrepreneur Review

Test-drive results show tesla Rivian r1s has some serious concerns. You’d think automakers would target more consumers given the growing number of EV cars being introduced to the market. In spite of this, there are not many EV purchasers, and some people who purchase a new model may already have another EV. It makes sense that the majority of EV consumers drove a Tesla before thinking about switching since Tesla was the first EV manufacturer. Some people even keep multiple EVs, sometimes from different brands, in their garage.

Changing from one EV model to another

We’ve observed how changing from one EV model to another has worked out in the past, with some people enjoying the new EV more while others regretting the decision. I also discussed a humorous incident in which the owner of a Tesla Model X commended the Rivian R1S he had purchased to take its place. One month later, he could no longer stand the Rivian and sold it. He then went out and purchased a Tesla Model Y. He wasn’t the only one to think this way though; sometimes getting used to a new car makes you value the old one even more.

Owner of a 2022 Tesla Model S who is still debating whether to purchase a Rivian R1S has a different perspective to share. He planned a test drive to get a feel for the Rivian, just like anyone considering purchasing a new automobile would. He had a first impression after thirty minutes of driving it, but he still had a lot of questions, which he posted in the Rivian subreddit. Although he had largely favourable things to say about the R1S, he thinks some of the problems are unacceptable for a luxury car.

2023 Rivian R1S Review // The Tesla Bronco Defender

“Very Uninspiring and Lacking Features….”

The R1S’s ride quality, which appears to be on par with or better than the Model S, was praised by Reddit user u/lochnespmonster. Given that he has a Model S that is faultless and that the Rivian had a few faults, he had conflicting opinions regarding the build quality. He believes Tesla to be better software-wise, while Rivian “felt very uninspiring and lacking features.”

On a normal summer day with a temperature of 91 degrees Fahrenheit (33 degrees Celsius), he took the test drive. During the 30-minute test drive, the air conditioning could only somewhat reduce the heat in the cabin. The advisor turned on the ventilated seats and turned up the AC to its highest setting, but it took more than 10 minutes for the interior to drop down to a tolerable temperature. Over the course of the test drive, it never quite became comfy. He acknowledged that he had never had to keep the air conditioner on high in a car before.

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