10 Most Interesting Small Business Ideas that are Profitable for You

10 Most Interesting Small Business Ideas that are Profitable for You | The Entrepreneur Review

How many times have you noticed that a tea seller near your office earns more money than some of the office employees that too with very little investment involved in it? We bet you would know many such small business ideas that are profitable. 

Small businesses are currently in demand in the market as they are accessible to you and provide a one-stop solution to routine problems. So if you want to become your own boss, have been daydreaming of pursuing your passion, and earning money through it, establishing a small business might be the correct career option for you.

You can start your small business by investing minimum capital in it. However, you have to make sure that your product or service has relevant demand in the market.

In this blog, we have got you a list of 10 small business ideas that are profitable for you irrespective of your educational background. 

1. Website and App Development

Tech is the fastest-growing industry in today’s world and everyone wants to feature their company online before anyone else. Website and app development are one of the easiest small business ideas that are profitable and can build your career. Even if you don’t have a coding background, you can join online classes and learn to program.  

  • Earning Potential: $60K–$110K+ per annum 
  • Skills Required: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, C#, jQuery, PHP, Git, API, and Python
  • Certifications: Certified Web Professional, Certified Software Development Professional 
  • Tools: GitHub, Code Editor, Chrome Developer Tools, Collaborative Design and Development Software

2. Graphic Design

If you are passionate about art and creative enough to communicate with others through visuals and designs, then this could be an appropriate profession for you. There is wide scope for graphic designers and you can work from anywhere if you have a laptop. From household functions to business events, graphic designers are required everywhere. You can earn a good amount of money after proper practice. 

Graphic Design | 10 Most Interesting Small Business Ideas that are Profitable for You | The Entrepreneur Review
  • Earning Potential: $37K–$68K+ per annum 
  • Skills Required: Branding, Formatting, Sketching, Web Designing, Typography, Image Retouching, Animation, 3D modeling, Illustrations 
  • Certifications: Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, Fine Arts, or Visual Communication 
  • Tools: Sketch, Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, Figma, High-Resolution Computer, Procreate 

3. Financial Consulting

Many people know how to earn money but very few of them know how to make correct investment choices. Business owners spend most of their time working on strategies and dealing with clients, however, most of them are not good with numbers. If you can give financial advice to companies and entrepreneurs, you can become a financial consultant and earn a substantial amount. This, indeed, is amongst the best small business ideas that are profitable.

  • Earning Potential:  $40K–$130K+ per annum 
  • Skills Required: Building Financial Strategies, Financial Planning, Investment Management, Trend Analysis, Wealth Management, Analytical Thinking 
  • Certification: CFP Certification, Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting 
  • Tools: Financial Advisor Software, Client Management Software, Scheduling Software, Mutual Fund Analyzer 

4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become not just an origin of small business ideas that are profitable but also an important platform for the growth of small businesses. It can assist businesses to improve their online presence and reputation. If you can keep the track of ever-changing trends and know how to make experiments with social media management, this could be your next profession. 

  • Earning Potential: $50K–$89K+ per annum 
  • Skills Required: Community Engagement, Copywriting, Creativity, Graphic Designing, Project Management, Data Analysing 
  • Certification: Specialization in Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Certification 
  • Tools: Cloud Sharing Tools, Design tools, Social Media Analytics Tools, Post-Scheduling Tools, Buffer, Project Management System

5. Wedding Planner

A wedding is a profit-making business that can last forever and employs other small businesses like catering, flowering, etc. You can pull off a lot of stress from a couple’s shoulders on the day of marriage and make effective public relations. The profession requires you to negotiate with vendors and learn compelling event management. 

  • Earning Potential: $27K–$68K+ per annum 
  • Skills Required: Communication, Contract Negotiation, Event Management, Creativity, Coordination Skills 
  • Certification: Diploma in Event Management, Diploma in Wedding Planning 
  • Tools: Wedding Planning Software, Task Organization System, Vendor Management Apps, Wedding Venue Finder 

6. Real Estate

If you are willing to help people with buying their dream home and spend time staging good properties, this could be among those small business ideas that are profitable in long term. In this profession, you have to be aware of people’s choices and expectations regarding their dream homes. It will grow your business in the future. Moreover, you have to be well informed about government laws and regulations regarding land acquisition. 

  • Earning Potential: $68K–$145K+ per annum 
  • Skills Required: Customer Service, Client Negotiation, Networking, and Marketing Skills, Basic Understanding of Architecture 
  • Certification: Certified Real Estate Inspector (CRI), Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), Certified Sales Professional (CSP), Accredited Land Consultant 
  • Tools: Mortgage Calculator, Administrative and Productivity Tools, Graphic Designing Tools 
Real Estate | 10 Most Interesting Small Business Ideas that are Profitable for You | The Entrepreneur Review

7. Blogging 

If you are passionate about reading and writing, and have a good vocabulary, you can start blogging. With the help of blogging, you can share appealing ideas with the world in an appropriate format. You can become a professional author in the future if you keep writing blogs. Blogging provides you the opportunity to become a magazine contributor, copywriter, content writer, etc. 

  • Earning Potential: $33K–$84K+ per annum 
  • Skills Required: Vocabulary Skills, Storytelling, Spellings, Grammar 
  • Certification: No certificates are required 
  • Tools: Plagiarism Detector, Grammarly, Word Processor 

8. Tattooing

When you are passionate about art and dedicated to creativity then you can try your luck in the tattoo business. You may get further business opportunities in it if you practice it daily. There is nothing more satisfying than watching people wearing your art on their bodies. You can start working at small shops before becoming a professional tattooist.

  • Earning Potential: $27K–$100K+ per annum 
  • Skills Required: Customer Service, Drawing and Sketching, Tattooing, Basic Brush Painting Skills, Making Stencils 
  • Certification: CPR Certification, Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate, State License
  • Tools: Needles, Tattoo Machine, Gloves, Hazardous Waste Container, Tubes, Ink, Tips, Stencils, and Sanitary Work Area

9. Personal Coaching

You can change the lives of millions for the better through personal coaching. It is a preferable career option if you are empathetic and compassionate about other people’s feelings. You can advise people on dating, family relations, maintaining health, handling hardships, choosing the best career options, and personality development. This can take you to other platforms like TED Talks and become a personalized speaker. You can write a motivational book based on your experiences. 

  • Earning Potential: $29K–$100K+ per annum 
  • Skills Required: Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Patience, Leadership, Self-Confidence, Engaging Representation Skills 
  • Certification: Diploma in Personal Coaching 
  • Tools: Website, The Life EKG, and Gratitude Journals

10. Photographer 

In order to earn money by following your passion for photography, you have to give extra time to your hobby and invest sufficient effort into it. In addition to possessing the skill of clicking photos from different angles, you should have a high-quality camera and lenses with you. Moreover, to represent photography skills, you can learn video making or editing. It gives you the opportunity to tell various stories through pictures. 

  • Earning Potential: $56K–$83K+ per annum 
  • Skills Required: Creativity, An eye for detailing, Being up-to-date with advanced technology, Meeting Deadlines 
  • Certification: Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), Diploma in Photography, Certification in Photography Courses 
  • Tools: Camera (duh), Softbox, Flashgun, Remote Trigger, Tripod, Lens 
Photographer | 10 Most Interesting Small Business Ideas that are Profitable for You | The Entrepreneur Review

Most probably, there are no requirements for legal documents like licensing for starting small businesses. You can start from scratch and end up earning an adequate amount of money. However, you have to learn basic skills to proliferate further in the respective fields. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog 10 most interesting small business ideas that are Profitable in the market. Wish you all the best in achieving your dreams…!

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