12-Point Plan to Increase Your Overall Fitness

12 Ways To Plan to Improve Your Overall Fitness | The Entrepreneur Review

Have a look at the playbook that the Army uses to train its soldiers if you want to plan to improve your overall fitness like your mental, physical, and spiritual health in 2023, and, while you’re doing it, your athletic performance. By adhering to the system’s five pillars of readiness—physical, mental, spiritual, nutritional, and sleep—soldiers have been able to improve their overall health as a result of the Army’s Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) system, which will be formally rolled out in the year 2020.

Not to mention the many perks. On the other hand, When you plan to improve your overall fitness these fundamentals aren’t exactly top-secret secrets. They may just as readily be applied to the lives of regular citizens as they can to troops carrying out covert operations. Your path toward holistic well-being may be improved throughout the new year and beyond with the assistance of the following 12 ideas, all of which have been provided by Army H2F professionals and troops.

Here are 12-point plan to improve your overall fitness:

1. Jot down your underlying beliefs and values.

“There is always a set of beliefs, human values, or principles that determines who a person is and offers purpose to their existence, and this is true regardless of whether a person is religious or not.” Take out some paper and a pen, or use the note-taking app on your smartphone, and write out your personal values in as much detail as you can. The act of writing them down and having the words in front of you will assist in providing meaning to the activities that you engage in on a daily basis.

2. Aim for the State of Balance During Each Meal

12 Ways To Plan to Improve Your Overall Fitness | The Entrepreneur Review

A consistent and well-balanced diet is required for a nutrition plan to improve your overall fitness and support a healthy and high-performance way of life. H2F nutrition expert Captain Savannah Gideon says, “When you eat, do you have a protein source, some form of non-starchy vegetable for a carbohydrate, and healthy fats?”

3. Select Activities That Are Designed to Mirror Real-World Situations

Concentrate on exercises that have a high degree of transferability to your day-to-day life as well as any other activities that you partake in. For instance, free-weight (barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells) and bodyweight variations of squats, deadlifts, push-ups, pull-ups, and overhead presses, as well as strength and flexibility practices such as yoga, can help you to plan to improve your overall fitness and perform better in a variety of contexts.

4. Start to loosen up with some active movements.

Static stretching, in which you hold muscles in a lengthened position for an extended period of time, is less effective for performance and injury prevention than dynamic stretching, in which you stretch while moving. Recent research has indicated that dynamic stretching, or movement-based stretching, prior to a training session is more effective for performance and injury prevention than static stretching.

5. Spend some time outside and reconnect with the natural world.

Going outside and getting some fresh air is the single most effective plan to improve your overall fitness right now. It is essential to have a relationship with the natural world.

6. Embrace the Process of Breathing

Maintaining a healthy amount of stress is an essential component of reaching one’s full health potential. Regulating their breathing is one of the stress management techniques that troops in the Army learn. Putting this method into practice: Spend a few moments practicing your deep breathing by inhaling for a count of five to ten and expelling for the exact count. Do this for a few minutes.

7. Have a more optimistic perspective on the food you eat

12 Ways To Plan to Improve Your Overall Fitness | The Entrepreneur Review

According to Captain Gideon, fun is another essential component of a nutritious diet that should not be overlooked. She tells me, “You need to enjoy the meals that you’re consuming.” It is inappropriate to assign positive or negative qualities to food in a plan to improve your overall fitness. What you consume should be determined by the objectives you are working toward, such as improving your body composition, energy levels, performance, or healing.

Food ought to be enjoyable. It ought to operate in our favor rather than against us. It is important to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect diet. If you decide to indulge in dinner, don’t let your thoughts get consumed by it. Recognize it for what it was—a great experience—and go on with your life.

8. Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Pay Attention to Them

Everyone’s pulse rate is increased, the tension in the room is considerable, and there is a lot of stress. They will strategically place a variety of shapes, colors, and numbers about the room, and we will be instructed to focus on these particulars in order to slow down our brains and hearts and lower our levels of stress.

The next time you feel tension at work or at home, take a step back and focus on a few minor details in the room, whether it be a piece of artwork on the wall or the color of someone’s clothes. This practice can be applied in your own life by applying it the next time you feel tension at work or at home.

9. Calm Yourself Down Just Before Bedtime

In the context of this discussion, down-regulation refers to the process of decreasing brain activity. You may do this by turning off all electronic devices at least one or two hours before going to bed and engaging in activities that promote relaxation, such as meditation, during this time.

10. Schedule a Cup of Tea for the Late Evening

In addition to the use of electronic devices, activities such as ingesting alcohol or caffeine or eating a heavy meal in the hours leading up to bedtime may have a detrimental impact on the quality of sleep you get.

If you find that you perform one or more of these things on a regular basis, you should start a new nighttime routine in which you forgo all of the activities listed above after a specific time (for example, 7:00 pm) in favor of a cup of hot tea that does not contain caffeine. You have options for teas that might help you feel more relaxed, such as chamomile, magnolia, and midnight variations.

11. Challenge Yourself by Attempting Something Terrifying

12 Ways To Plan to Improve Your Overall Fitness | The Entrepreneur Review

Most important plan to improve your overall fitness in the mental and physical training for H2F is to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Participating in a new activity that is outside of your wheelhouse, such as a 5K obstacle race, a half-marathon, or an intimidating group class, such as martial arts or public speaking, is a great way to force yourself out of your comfort zone.

12. Make a Winning Environment

Create a new culture for yourself to plan to improve your overall fitness if you find that your existing environment, including where and with whom you spend your time, is not conducive to accomplishing the health and fitness objectives you have set for yourself. Joining a new gym that has an encouraging sense of community is one option; another is to create social get-togethers with individuals who share your objectives and principles.


Regardless of the numerous shortcuts available in the fitness market today, increasing your overall fitness is a long process. It requires you to be thoroughly dedicated toward bettering yourself every day. We hope this article “12-Point Plans to increase your overall fitness” helps you kick start a long-term fitness regime.

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