Opera brings its Free VPN to iOS Users

Opera Brings its free VPN

The award-winning browser Opera has expanded the availability of its built-in VPN to iOS devices, thereby providing the extra privacy precaution to all Opera users at no additional cost.

Catering to iPhone Users

While the desktop and Android versions have long included a built-in, free VPN, iPhone users—who account for more than 25% of the market, according to Stat counter (opens in new tab)—have been left out and must use a third-party VPN in order to enjoy the benefit. Instead of manually connecting with another software, the built-in toggle switch enables a VPN for free right from the browser, although it only protects activity inside the Opera browser.

Users now have access to three general locations, more than 100 high-speed servers, and limitless bandwidth with no data cap as part of the addition. Opera guarantees not to log any personal information, information pertaining to your browsing history, or information on your actual network address, while traffic is encrypted and a user’s IP address is kept private.

The Pro Edition

Along with an internal ad blocker, Opera also integrates with Apple’s native Intelligent Tracking Prevention and offers a VPN service. The company is also introducing live sports scores to the homepage of the browser and making changes to the bookmarks interface at the same time.

In addition to its free service, Opera provides a Pro edition of their VPN with over 3,000 high-speed servers spread across over 30 different regions. Additionally, it grants users access to live chat support channels and wherever on the device (other than simply the browser) on as many as six devices. A rolling membership will run you $7.99 each month, $4.99 for a six-month plan, or $3.99 for a one-year plan.

According to Opera, the rollout may take some time, so some users may not have access right away. 

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