10 Best Note-taking Apps for Students

Note-taking Apps for Students: Best 10 Apps | The Entrepreneur Review

Be sure to take notes! There is a plethora of note-taking applications to choose from since digital Best Note-taking Apps for Students have become the norm in the academic world. We’ve researched the top note-taking apps of 2023, so settle back and join us as we search for the one that best serves your requirements and brings out your brand of creativity.

We have everything you need, whether a lightweight app like a sticky note or a complex database system. Be comfortable, because we’re going to go through the top note-taking apps of 2023 that will help you record your thoughts, plans, and inspirations.

Here are the 10 Best Note-Taking Apps for Students;

1. Apple Notes

Apple Notes, sometimes referred to as Notes or iCloud Notes, is the greatest note-taking tool for iOS devices. It is one of the best note-taking app in the list of Best Note-taking Apps for Students. It has standard formatting tools like bold and italics, and you can even change the font size. Apple Notes stands apart from the crowd by removing the requirement for a separate file-sharing service by allowing users to make edits to their notes from any device with a browser and an iCloud account.

If you use a lot of Apple products and want to make use of Siri, you will find this to be a really helpful tool. Moreover, Apple Notes enables users to incorporate photographs, text, scanned documents, sketch or handwrite, and format notes in any way they see fit. The absence of support for Markdown, a widely used note and text formatting language, is a significant shortcoming of Apple Notes.

2. Obsidian

Obsidian is a note-taking tool built on Markdown and a local file/folder structure, making it easy and accessible for all users. It is often considered the greatest note-taking app for strong note-takers. Users with technical expertise may modify the program by making their plugins and switching functionality on and off. Links between pages and a graph view of note relationships are only two examples of the robust organization tools available in Obsidian. It is one of the best note-taking app in the list of Best Note-taking Apps for Students.

The software works on several platforms and may be used without a network or an account. Nevertheless, there are certain downsides, such as the lack of picture capabilities and the cost of cross-device note synchronization. Not everyone will find Obsidian useful; for example, individuals who thrive on visual notetaking may be disappointed.

3. Evernote

You may scan in handwritten notes and clip online articles with the help of Evernote, a cross-platform program designed for taking notes. This program can save a wide variety of files, from PDFs to PowerPoints, and it also has a mobile scanner and a web clipper. However, it doesn’t support Markdown and has few organizational features.

Students may find the pricing to be too high since the free plan offers just a small amount of storage and upgrades to the Premium plan are not free. Notwithstanding this, we provide a 50% Premium for a year deal to students. Using Evernote to organize your study materials for a test like the TOEFL might significantly lessen your anxiety levels.

4. Roam Research

If you’re looking for Note-taking Apps for Students that don’t rely on tags and folders, Roam Research is the one for you. With its daily journaling encouragement and robust Markdown support, it’s a great tool for writers. This note-taking tool isn’t like the others, since it takes a bidirectional approach and allows you to move fluidly back and forth between your thoughts.

Roam Research is here to make taking notes easier than ever before, with features like a Graph Overview that lets you see the interconnectedness of your notes. Unfortunately, Roam can only be used in a web browser with an active internet connection. The product is costly at $15/month and has a steep learning curve.

5. Bear

Bear combines two of the most useful computer functions—word processing and note-taking—into one convenient package. Bear is a robust Note-taking Apps for Students with Markdown support and a wonderful writing experience; it features a straightforward organization system based on tags and a tree-like nested hierarchy; and can store notes in an archive. Bear is the perfect companion for creative types since it ensures you never lose track of a single flash of insight or epiphany. The app’s interface is minimalistic and polished, and a paid upgrade adds new skins. The main drawbacks are a lack of organization and support for Windows.

6. Standard Notes

Standard Notes is the best option if you need safe and confidential note-taking software. A Note-taking Apps for Students with a focus on security and robust search capabilities; all notes are encrypted by default; the majority of features are available in the free version. Standard Notes is one of the greatest study applications, and its free edition has more useful features than the paid versions of other apps.

Note-taking Apps for Students: Best 10 Apps | The Entrepreneur Review

The premium version will change the way you think about Note-taking Apps for Students applications forever with its advanced security features like two-factor authentication and secured attachments to cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Your notes are secure from even Standard Notes. The app is compatible with a wide range of platforms and operating systems. The main drawbacks are the lack of support for images and the inability to drag & drop notes between different folders and categories.

7. Typora

Typora is a cross-platform Markdown editor with extensive personalization options and a streamlined experience for both reading and writing. Focus Mode, a table of contents, and a variety of skins are just a few of its features. The file tree panel allows you to arrange your documents in a hierarchy, and you may import PDF documents to further facilitate the search.

The absence of local storage and mobile app are drawbacks, however, these may be overcome by adding a Markdown editor. Using Typora in tandem with language-learning software may be a powerful Note-taking Apps for Students for expanding their linguistic horizons.

8. Microsoft OneNote

OneNote, a free, cross-platform program with all of Evernote’s features, is our top pick for the best free note-taking app. You may use it on an endless number of devices, and it has a blank canvas where you can write or draw whatever you choose. Users of Microsoft OneNote may choose from a broad variety of premade designs for a variety of uses, including e-books and academically-oriented designs that’s why this is one of the best Note-taking Apps for Students.

They provide easy management and organization of academic tasks throughout the semester. When you choose Draw, all limitations are lifted, and you’re free to doodle or draw anywhere you want on your notes. The UI is cluttered and the note-sorting features are very lacking.

9. Google Keep

Google Keep, the greatest note-taking tool for Google users, will be worshiped by everyone who relies heavily on Google products for their job. If you’re looking for a free, cross-platform note-taking program that integrates seamlessly with other Google products, go no further than Google Keep. This note-taking program includes not just handwriting detection, but also note management, reminders, task labeling, collaboration capabilities, and more.

Users may make studying more efficient by adding up to 50 tags to their notes and highlighting important information with different colors. You may utilize the timer feature in Google Keep to make sure you never forget another important date or appointment. Nevertheless, it is not hierarchical, and can only be tagged at the surface level.

10. Notion

Stop searching for the ideal collaborative best Note-taking Apps for Students any longer! The notion is a robust database-driven note-taking tool that has a hybrid editor that supports both Markdown and UI formatting, adaptable pages with a template engine, complex tables that work like databases, layered hierarchical organization, and more.

If you’re using Notion, you can also drag a whole web page right into the app. Since it allows users to build their features using blocks that work like tags, Notion can be used for almost anything. It’s safe to say that every student should download this app. Nevertheless, it currently cannot be used without an active internet connection. The free tier only allows for uploads up to 5 MB in size.


Taking notes has never been more fun or less tedious. There are a ton of different Note-taking Apps for Students out there, so it shouldn’t be hard to pick one that works for you and expresses your sense of style. You can get through your first year of college with the aid of these best Note-taking Apps for Students.

There are the best Note-taking Apps for Students, whether you like sticky notes, prefer a database-driven approach, or want a minimalist user interface. Get one (or more) for your student survival kit and use it to record anything from brilliant new ideas to mundane to-do lists. Have fun with your note-taking!

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