Will Nokia’s New Logo Change its Fortunes?

Will Nokia's New Logo change its Fortunes? | The Entrepreneur Review

The impact of Nokia’s new logo on its fortunes remains uncertain, but it symbolizes the company’s commitment to change. Back in 2006 when I was 9, my father brought home a hand-sized device that would allow calling anyone from anywhere anytime. Unaware of the phenomenon called ‘mobile phone’, I was fascinated with the features the device provided—be it SMS, phonebook, or the OG snake game. The device was none other than the Nokia 3310.

I’m sure Nokia was the first cellphone brand most of you (of my generation) would have used. While the nostalgia of using a mobile phone is still reminiscent of our memories, we have come a long way in terms of technology, and smartphones are the new norm now. And sadly, Nokia, as a brand, has not lived up to its reputation with time. In an effort to regain its lost stature, the company has recently redesigned Nokia’s New Logo. In this blog, we’ll try to cover the implications of this decision.

The Nokia’s New Logo and its Significance

Rebranding is a popular marketing gimmick many companies use today, and Nokia is the latest addition to this list. This is the first time that Nokia is changing its logo in its 60-year history. With this move, Nokia is accelerating and signaling a change in its approach. Pekka Lundmark (CEO) took the reins of Nokia in 2020 and since his appointment, he has applied a three-phase strategy that includes Reset, Accelerate, and Scale.

With Nokia’s New Logo, Nokia has replaced its signature blue color with a variety of different colors. Explaining the reason behind Nokia’s New Logo, Lundmark mentioned Nokia’s plans to separate itself from the mobile phone industry. “We are now a business technology company rather than merely a smartphone maker,” he adds. As reported by Livemint, Nokia is looking to launch a brand that primarily focuses on networks and industrial digitalization.

CEO targets growth in networks, enterprise businesses; Nokia changes iconic logo

Aftereffects of the Change

Presently, Nokia is looking to expand its service provider business, which involves selling equipment to telecom providers. However, it is primarily focusing on selling equipment to other firms. The company is also concentrating on providing network equipment to wireless service providers. With a keen focus on data centers and factory automation, Nokia is putting itself in competition with IT giants like Amazon and Microsoft.

Will Nokia's New Logo change its Fortunes? | The Entrepreneur Review

Although this decision will significantly boost Nokia’s shift from being a traditional mobile manufacturing company to a business technology company, it is expected to benefit the company as a whole. Change is the need of the hour and people are welcoming this change from Nokia. Now, only time will tell if it turns out to be a masterstroke or a fluke.


In conclusion, while Nokia’s new logo is a visual representation of the company’s rebranding efforts, its impact on the company’s fortunes remains to be seen. A logo alone cannot guarantee a turnaround in a highly competitive market. Nokia’s success will ultimately depend on a combination of factors such as innovative product offerings, effective marketing strategies, and meeting the evolving needs of consumers. The new logo serves as a symbol of Nokia’s commitment to change, but its true impact will be determined by the company’s ability to adapt, differentiate itself, and deliver value to customers. Only time will tell if this rebranding effort will be a catalyst for Nokia’s resurgence in the market.

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