KFC Double Down Returns! Here’s what it means for Foodies

KFC Double Down Returns! Here’s what it means for Foodies | The Entrepreneur Review

If you are someone who doesn’t like the taste of bread, isn’t allowed to have bread, or simply hates bread, get ready to gratify your taste buds. KFC Double Down, one of the most popular menu items of the company, is making a comeback almost after a decade. Following the triumphant returns of Taco Bell’s Enchirito and Mountain Dew’s Typhoon earlier this year, KFC is bringing back nostalgia for its long-standing customer base.

But for those who are unfamiliar with KFC Double Down, here’s what it exactly is.

As mentioned earlier, many people have issues with bread, especially if it is in a sandwich. KFC Double Down is the ideal sandwich for such people. Like any other sandwich, it has a bun. However, that bun is not made up of bread. It instead comprises a couple of fried chicken filets that are extra crispy with all white meat.

Two cheese slices along with a bacon and spice sauce or mayonnaise are sandwiched between the chicken filets. The KFC Double Down was officially started in 2010. According to reports, a whopping 10 million plus Double Downs were sold within the first month of its launch. Despite the whopping sale, it was discontinued after some time due to some reasons. It did come back in 2014, however, could last only for a few weeks before getting discontinued once again. After continuous demand from customers, KFC has finally decided to bring back the OG sandwich.

KFC Double Down: Competition to Appeal Foodies

KFC Double Down Returns! Here’s what it means for Foodies | The Entrepreneur Review

With increased awareness about health and eating healthy, people are seeking more sugar-free, gluten-free food options. Many are avoiding bread as part of their diet plan. KFC is aiming to target these people through its latest offerings.

Apart from bringing back KFC Double Down, the company is also planning to introduce a beckon and cheese chicken sandwich. The new sandwich uses a brioche bun. To make room for these new additions, KFC has recently removed some items from its menu. These items include popcorn chicken, wings, and cookies.

Currently, the competition among food franchises is at an all-time high and KFC is continuously seeking ways to outsmart the competition and come out on top. The comeback of KFC Double Down promises to be another important effort in its vision.

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