5 Free Keyword Research Tools You Must Try Today

Best 5 Free Keyword Research Tools You Must Try Today | The Entrepreneur Review

When it comes to keyword research tools, there are several alternatives Free Keyword Research Tools. We sought to concentrate on those that don’t demand a large budget for this list. While most of these platforms are paid choices, you may utilize the majority of them for free in restricted capacities.

Here are 5 Free Keyword Research Tools you must try Today;

1. Ahrefs

You may use Ahrefs to see which keywords you and your rivals are presently ranking for, as well as their exact positions on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It may also provide ideas for new search phrases to target Free Keyword Research Tools.

When you use Ahrefs to hunt for keywords, you’ll also notice a difficulty score for each of them (ranging from 0 to 100). It also displays predicted search volume, clicks, CPC, CPS, Return Rate (RR), and ‘parent subjects’.

Most free keyword research programs provide some of these indicators. Ahrefs, on the other hand, is one of the few platforms that provides CPS and RR predictions. This additional data, along with all of the other tools Ahrefs offers beyond keyword research, such as backlink and content analysis, is most likely why these reports are only provided to paid customers Free Keyword Research Tools.

Ahrefs, on the other hand, provides a seven-day trial for $7, which isn’t too awful. While its SEO Toolbar offers free on-page analysis and broken link monitoring, it does not provide keyword research tools unless you attach it to a subscription.

Best 5 Free Keyword Research Tools You Must Try Today | The Entrepreneur Review

Keyword research must-haves include:

  • Discover the most popular terms in any domain in Free Keyword Research Tools.
  • Get specific keyword rankings for your website.
  • Look up new keywords and their estimated difficulty, search volume, clicks, CPC, CPS, and return on investment (RR).
  • Price: Plans begin at $82 per month

2. SEMrush

SEMrush also provides a number of free tools that allow you access to the majority of its functionality. Its reports contain statistics on search traffic, keyword difficulty, CPC, and trends:

A domain report from SEMrush.

It restricts you to 10 domain and keyword reports per day, which is an improvement than Moz’s ten per month. SEMrush, on the other hand, restricts your keyword recommendations to 10 per search:

SEMrush provides free keyword recommendation results.

SEMrush goes beyond keyword research to provide other important SEO facts. A domain report generates a traffic summary, backlink information, your top keywords, competitive data, and more. It also comes with a premium-only Keyword Manager, which is comparable to Moz’s Keyword Lists.

While the free capabilities of SEMrush are rather restricted, it is an excellent complement to any keyword research toolset. Its domain reports in particular are excellent. There is a seven-day free trial available if you want to see whether the extra ideas are worth it for Free Keyword Research Tools.

Best 5 Free Keyword Research Tools You Must Try Today | The Entrepreneur Review

Keyword research must-haves include:

  • Get complete domain reports that include traffic, backlinks, keywords, and competition information.
  • Obtain keyword ideas based on search volume, trends, difficulty, and CPC.
  • Freely generate up to 10 reports every day in Free Keyword Research Tools.
  • SEMrush plans begin at $83.28 per month

3. Moz

Moz is an industry leader and one of the best SEO resources & Free Keyword Research Tools. It provides both free and paid keyword research tools.

In terms of free features, Moz’s Domain Analysis tool allows you to look at your site’s top keywords based on clicks and rank:

Keyword ideas from Moz.

Apart from that, it displays an overview of your domain’s branded keywords, your SERP ranking distribution, a list of your top search rivals, and even the most often asked inquiries that direct consumers to your website.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer is a more in-depth research tool that suggests keywords to target based on search volume and relevance. It may also be used to examine metrics for your site that the Domain Analysis tool does not, such as Domain Authority (DA) & Free Keyword Research Tools:

Nevertheless, you are only entitled to 10 free Keyword Explorer searches every month. It is insufficient for a complete study of most websites, particularly if you have an active blog.

You may produce hundreds of ideas, as well as their monthly search volumes, ranking difficulties, and organic click-through rates, using Moz Pro. You may also utilize its new Keyword Lists function to save phrases that you wish to use in the future. You may try it out for free for 30 days.

Best 5 Free Keyword Research Tools You Must Try Today | The Entrepreneur Review

Keyword research must-haves include:

  • Find statistics on existing keywords and the distribution of SERP rankings in Free Keyword Research Tools.
  • Determine your top rivals.
  • See keyword ideas, search volume, difficulty, and the proportion of organic click-throughs.
  • Moz Pro subscriptions begin at $79 per month

4. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool provides another another blend of paid and free research options. It’s wonderful that you don’t have to create an account to start checking for keyword possibilities. As seen in the picture above, all it takes is inputting an initial search query and narrowing down an area.

Keyword Tool gives a list of ideas together with their search volume, trend data, CPC, and competitiveness score once you do a search. It gets its information from Google Autocomplete, which provides it with phrases that aren’t available on other platforms like Free Keyword Research Tools.

The free edition of Keyword Tool, on the other hand, only provides that data for the first five results:

A report from Free Keyword Research Tools.

You may still get hundreds of keyword ideas, but without particular data on them, determining which ones are worth pursuing might be difficult. In a nutshell, the free version of Keyword Tool is great for brainstorming content ideas, but if you want specific analytics, you’ll have to pay.

Keyword Tool Pro does not provide a free trial, however it does have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you choose an annual payment plan, subscription fees are much cheaper than those of the other platforms on our list.

Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to subscribe to a Plus subscription to get CPC statistics, and that Keyword Tool is much more specialized than Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Moz. You won’t be able to do domain analytics or track backlinks.

Free Keyword Research Tools must-haves include:

  • Check up keyword ideas based on search volume, trend data, CPC, and competitiveness score.
  • See one-of-a-kind search words derived from Google autocomplete.
  • CSV files may be used to export keyword lists.
  • Price: Keyword Tool Pro costs $69 per month

5. Google Ads: Keyword Planner

Since Keyword Planner is the king of Free Keyword Research Tools, we kept it for last. You’ll need a Google AdWords account to utilize it, but you don’t have to run an active campaign, so you can avoid the fees.

Having logged in, you can browse keyword recommendations by typing a query and selecting the languages and areas you wish to target. It’s common to obtain hundreds of suggestions from Keyword Planner, along with their average monthly searches, competition level, and CPC costs:

When it comes to keyword ideas, Keyword Planner is hard to top for the sheer amount of alternatives it provides. Other solutions, like as Ahrefs’ RR data or Moz’s click-through rate percentages, may contain more indicators, but none outperform Google’s solution in terms of volume.

It should be noted, however, that Google Keyword Planner does not perform domain analysis, backlink tracking, or any other complex activities. Evaluate your priorities when choosing a keyword research tool, and keep in mind that you sometimes get what you pay for.

Keyword research must-haves include Free Keyword Research Tools:

  • Search for keyword recommendations that have been sorted by language and geography.
  • See monthly averages for search and competition, as well as CPC estimates.
  • Price: Free


When it comes to keyword research tools, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the information you need. Paid services often provide access to additional information, but they may be unneeded unless you are in a highly competitive sector like Free Keyword Research Tools.

We advocate utilizing a mix of tools for the best results. Keyword Planner provides the most ideas for search phrases to target at no cost. Couple that with domain analysis from a paid platform, such as SEMRush or Moz, which you can use for free in restricted ways, and you should have all the data you need to climb the SERPs.

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