6 Ways to Find Your Hidden Creative Genius

6 Ways to Find Your Hidden Creative Genius | The Entrepreneur Review

Find Your Hidden Creative Genius? Picasso, the great Spanish artist, had an unusual backstory of how he came to be able to create spectacular work in such a short amount of time.

A lady allegedly recognized Picasso when he was strolling through the market one day. She stopped the artist, took out a piece of paper, and said, “Mr. Picasso, I am a lover of your work.” Saying “Please, could you draw me a quick picture?”

Picasso grinned and sketched a short, lovely miniature on the paper. He then returned the paper to her and stated, “That will be one million dollars.”

Yet, as the lady pointed out, “Mr. Picasso,” you drew this little masterpiece in less than a minute. Picasso said to his nice girlfriend, “It took me 30 years to sketch that masterpiece in 30 seconds.”

There are many more Hidden Creative Genius who, like Picasso, spent years honing their skills. He followed a path common to many people with exceptional Hidden Creative Genius ability. Even the most talented individuals need years of training and experience before they can create really remarkable results. Let’s discuss the reasons behind this and, more significantly, the means by which you might exhibit your own creative brilliance:

Here are 6 Ways to Find Your Hidden Creative Genius;

1. Stick To A Routine Of Productivity

“A novice needs inspiration. Everyone else is content to just show up to work.” Image Credit: Chuck Close

People without talent only produce when they’re moved to do so. Creative professionals always have a plan.

6 Ways to Find Your Hidden Creative Genius | The Entrepreneur Review

Consistently putting oneself in a creative mindset is the single best way to unearth your Hidden Creative Genius.

The only way to become somewhat good at anything is to do it a lot. A person who does nothing except speculate about what makes a bestseller will never write one.

2. Accomplish a Task

The Legend of Bagger Vance, written by Steven Pressfield, was adapted into a blockbuster film starring Matt Damon, Will Smith, and Charlize Theron.

If you ask Pressfield, though, he will tell you that the book you haven’t heard of is the one he considers his best work.

3. Be kind to yourself

While writing, I imagine myself to be a guy without limbs holding a pencil in his lips. By Kurt Vonnegut. Even the greatest artists have their moments of doubt while trying to produce something of lasting value.

Making something on a regular basis forces the Hidden Creative Genius to evaluate each new piece. On Mondays and Thursdays, I publish fresh pieces.

6 Ways to Find Your Hidden Creative Genius | The Entrepreneur Review

After keeping up with that publication pace for three months, I started to evaluate each and every one of my works. When I finally gave up, I thought I had exhausted every viable option. It took eight months, but my most read piece ever was finally published.

4. Showcase Your Work

Most individuals, when it comes to intellectual property, exaggerate the danger of theft and minimize the cost of anonymity. Mike Trap, Author

Expose your work to the world. That way, you’ll have to be responsible for producing your finest job. Getting constructive criticism in this way can help you improve your work. And it will motivate you to keep going when you realize that other people like what you’ve made and help to find your Hidden Creative Genius.

Confronting naysayers and critics is an unfortunate but unavoidable side effect of putting yourself and your work out there.

Usually, though, all that ends up happening is that you mobilize the individuals who share your beliefs, are enthusiastic about the same things you are, or are willing to back the cause you care about. I can’t see anybody being opposed to having it.

Artists and other creators are vital to society. One person’s naivete is another’s stroke of genius. On the other hand, until you tell someone, you will never find your hidden creative genius.

5. Permission to Create Junk.

It is essential to any process to allow oneself to produce useless work. It can’t be helped. Sometimes you have to write four bad pages before you realize that the second paragraph on the third page has your best statement.

Producing something of value and appeal is like mining for gold. Finding a nugget of gold requires sifting through tons of gravel and rubble. Pieces of inspiration will come to you if you let them in.

Sixth, alter your frame of mind and outlook

Whoever stated you couldn’t accomplish it is clearly wrong. Trying it out yet? How do you know you can’t accomplish it if the answer is no? If so, does accepting defeat after only one failure make sense? Not at all!

6 Ways to Find Your Hidden Creative Genius | The Entrepreneur Review

Recall Edison. He tried and failed 10,000 times to make a working light bulb before finally succeeding. Despite initial failure, he continued to test other approaches until he found one that worked. The same may be said for many famous authors, business moguls, and others in the spotlight. They keep going, and you shouldn’t either. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving something a go. On the other hand, failure is certain if no effort is made. So, instead of saying “I can’t,” try saying “I can.”

To the same extent, stating “No” to every possibility is useless. Consider the choices you’ve made as of late. Was there ever an invitation you declined without a valid reason? Were there times when you could have left the house but choose to stay in? How often do your kids urge you to play with them or take them to the zoo, yet you always have somewhere else to be? The moment for transition has arrived. Change your default response to “No” to “Yes” and seize any chance you get. Keep an eye on the results.

6. Hold yourself, answerable.

Give your creations freely to the world. You will be responsible for the guilt of having made your masterpiece. If successful, it will provide valuable input for improving future performance and to find your Hidden Creative Genius. It will inspire you and motivate you to care more if you find that other people can connect to the ideas you generate.

When you don’t delegate often, you risk encounters with extremists and censors. Most of the time, however, the only thing that really occurs is that you attract the kind of individuals who share your worldview, who get excited about the same things you do, and who are willing to take on the same responsibilities that you are.


In conclusion, to find your hidden creative genius requires a combination of mindset, habits, and practice. By espousing a growth mindset, cultivating curiosity, and being open to trial and failure, you can tap into your ingrained creativity and discover new possibilities. also, establishing a creative routine, chancing alleviation from different sources, and uniting with others can help you expand your midairs and explore new ideas. Flashback, creativity isn’t reserved for the select many- it’s a commodity that anyone can develop and nurture with time and trouble. So go ahead and embrace your unique perspective, let your imagination run wild, and find your hidden creative genius moment!

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