12 Essential Features for Your Mobile Websites

12 Big Features to Optimize Your Mobile Websites | The Entrepreneur Review

Mobile apps are becoming the main way that you and your customers talk to each other online. So, in this article, we’ll look at the 12 most important Features to Optimize Your Mobile Websites that every mobile app for a business must have to keep and get new customers.

Here are 12 Features to Optimize Your Mobile Websites;

1. Fast Loading Speed

From the above statistics, it’s clear that most people leave mobile apps because the content and images take too long to load. So, one of the most important things about a mobile app is a screen that loads quickly.

12 Big Features to Optimize Your Mobile Websites | The Entrepreneur Review

Users expect an app to load quickly at all times. So, if you make an app that loads quickly, your customers will be able to use it more often and from more places. So, the goal of the developers should be to make a fast, high-quality mobile app with no extra animations.

2. Simple Menu Structure

People’s attention spans are always short. Because of this, it is important to make a mobile app with simple features to optimize your mobile website that are easy to use and get around. If it’s hard to find your way around, the internet connection will be slow and customers won’t be able to get to the information they need quickly and easily.

It’s natural for them to get frustrated and try something else, like using the app of your competitor. So, make sure your mobile app design is clear and shows that users want things to be easy. Also, to make it easier to use, you should do research to find out exactly what your customers want and how to give them what they need in the simplest way possible.

3. Allow Customization

Customization is another important Feature for Mobile Websites of mobile apps that are made to meet the needs of their users. The user experience is improved when the app can be changed to fit the user’s needs. For instance, letting users change the app’s content, layout, colors, fonts, and system functions makes them feel safe and at ease while using it.

Most importantly, if it’s a social app, let them have full control over the privacy settings. This gives users the chance to change the app so that it works the way they want it to.

4. Eliminate Clicks

Users get frustrated when they have to click a lot to get to a certain page or what they need. So, if you make a mobile app, make sure your users stick around. So, it’s important to get rid of any clicks or taps that aren’t needed in your app.

Make sure to only ask the user for important information and not for information that isn’t necessary. It’s because the hassle of signing in detail often takes the user’s attention away from what they came in for. You only have a short time to get the user’s attention, and if they have a bad experience the first time, they won’t try again.

5. Offline App Usage

One of the most important parts of a mobile app is the ability to use it even when you don’t have a connection. This lets them use your app without worrying about how much data they can use.

12 Big Features to Optimize Your Mobile Websites | The Entrepreneur Review

Also, if you work in the travel industry, making a travel app that users can use without WiFi or a good data connection is thought to be a very useful thing to do. For example, the TripAdvisor app lets users look at reviews, maps, and photos of more than 300 cities even when they are not connected to the internet.

6. Payment Gateway Integration

Mobile applications are another way that a business can make more money. At this point, the ability to connect mobile apps to a payment gateway is a must-have. It’s important for eCommerce and other types of marketing to accept payments. Also, it is a very helpful features to optimize your mobile websites to increase sales and, by extension, a company’s market share. This feature of a mobile app is used to validate the user’s information and make sure they have enough money to buy something.

7. Social media Integration

Social media must be built into every mobile app that wants to increase online visibility and brand awareness. By getting information from the social channel, integrating with social channels makes it easy to sign up. On the other hand, it lets users share posts about different events, which keeps them interested in your app.

 8. Push notifications

A push notification features to optimize your mobile websites is important if you want to talk directly with your customers about what they like. It helps to send promotional offers in the form of text, images, or both, which increases engagement and makes it possible to make money.

When notifying users, try to send them relevant and personalized push messages instead of unsolicited messages, since these are only about the user and what they are interested in. This helps you get people to use your app more often.

9. Security

Internet security is getting worse and worse, and this is also true for your mobile app. Security is an important part of mobile apps because many of them store personal or sensitive information like credit and debit card numbers.

Hackers could try to:

  • Place malware in apps and on devices where it can access data and steal screen lock passcodes.
  • Catch sensitive information as it moves through the network
  • Steal customer information to commit fraud or identity theft.
  • Get hold of business assets that are private

So, it’s important to choose a well-known mobile app development company that offers security features to optimize your mobile website. This will make people more likely to trust you.

10. Use the latest analytics

Advanced analytics are an important part of a mobile app. Using this helps keep track of what a user does and what they experience. Especially for small businesses, this is a must-have, and you can make it happen by adding an analytics system to your mobile app.

So, if you’re making a mobile app, don’t forget to include advanced analytics that will help you collect the right data. In turn, this leads to better updates and features to optimize your mobile website.

11. Customer Feedback and Support

Getting feedback from users has been shown to be a good way to make business better.

12 Big Features to Optimize Your Mobile Websites | The Entrepreneur Review

Having customer feedback and support features to optimize your mobile website in your mobile app is the best way to stay in touch with your users and find out what they really want from your app.

Second, it’s the easiest and simplest way for users to give you feedback and suggestions, which will help you shape the future of your app.

12. Being adaptable

Your mobile app should be able to run on iOS, Android, and Windows, which are the three main mobile operating systems. So, it’s easy to put Android apps on the PlayStore, but Apple has to check out and approve iOS apps before they can be put on the App Store.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to change your code to work on different platforms. Before you upload it, you only need to test it to make sure it works perfectly on both systems, different screen sizes, and different resolutions.


In the end, you have a clear idea of what the most important features to optimize your mobile website for your business are. Another thing to think about is that in the digital age if your business doesn’t have a mobile app or one with the right features, you’re losing money.

So, it’s important for any business, big or small, to make a mobile app with the most important features so that customers can reach them from anywhere.

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