6 Examples of Email Automation for Professional Creators

6 Examples of Email Automation for Professional Creators

Automation may customize and scale every step of your subscribers’ and customers’ experience with your organization. Examine these real-world instances of email automation from skilled developers.

Here are 6 Examples of Email Automation for Creators;

1. Offer a unique lead magnet and a consistent welcome experience.

Your lead magnet is a simple and accessible tool to educate your audience and establish you as an authority in your field. It is also a great way to welcome new subscribers to your corner of the internet, making it simpler for them to trust and remember you. Full-time producers dedicate effort to developing automation to support these first interactions with each new subscription.

6 Great Examples of Email Automation for Creators | The Entrepreneur Review

Consider Daren Smith, the founder of Craftsman Creative. Using email automation for creators, he directs each landing page and opt-in form to the same lead magnet, a free five-day email course on mastering the creative economy. After the email course concludes, subscribers begin getting regular newsletters. Daren notes, “All of my multiple pieces of content—Twitter, podcast, and blog—serve the same audience, so they all lead to the same email course and compound much quicker.”

Maurizio Leo of The Perfect Loaf has a series of 10 to 15 automated emails outlining the fundamentals of sourdough baking. “The emails assist onboard individuals and get them beyond the difficult portion, so they can begin to enjoy the process and see the value of my website,” adds Maurizio.

2. Deliver each lead magnet efficiently and fast.

Some content authors prefer to give a variety of lead magnets depending on the many themes they cover. So, they may market a particular lead magnet, such as a guide, worksheet, or template, through a video or a blog post.

This is precise what product designer Femke van Schoonhoven does on her YouTube channel, Femke. design, which has over 65,000 followers. The bulk of her email subscribers now originates from eight evergreen lead magnets that she highlights in pertinent videos. Femke sends these lead magnets immediately using ConvertKit’s visual email automation for creators and then adds each new member to her regular email list.

3. Maintain an automated, evergreen newsletter

Your email automation for creators may continue for as long or as short a period as you choose, including months or even years of emails that you only need to configure once. That is just what Little Coffee Fox founder Shelby Abrahamsen did when she created her evergreen newsletter. She designed it after realizing that the majority of people do not know or care about the sequence in which stuff is distributed.

Now, instead of feeling the need to always produce fresh material on a weekly basis, Shelby sends out a weekly email on autopilot. Her newsletter series consists of over seventy emails, representing well over a year of regular contact with recipients. A comparable example is provided by Pinterest instructor Cara Chace. Her former primary lead magnet was a free Pinterest masterclass that sold a premium program.

If a subscriber did not enroll in the program but had opened emails and gone through to check it out, they would be included in a lengthy sequence (encompassing five months’ worth of material) that taught more about Pinterest and featured Cara’s case studies.

4. Create a pleasant after-purchase experience

The potential of email automation for creators extends well beyond greeting new subscribers and promoting the appropriate product at the appropriate moment. You may use them to enroll paying students or customers and give them the specific information they need to make the most of your product, freeing you time to focus on more effective tasks, such as one-on-one interactions or content production.

6 Great Examples of Email Automation for Creators | The Entrepreneur Review

Marie Poulin, a Notion instructor, utilizes ConvertKit just for this purpose. Over the course of six months, her Notion Mastery students get emails with welcoming steps, directions, and vital information.

Their trip is modified depending on the course tier and acts they did along the route. For instance, if they have already joined the Circle group, they will not get the email encouraging them to do so. If a student wishes to recommend a friend to the course, they may do so at a reduced rate, and automation and interaction with solutions such as ThriveCart make this simple.

5. Run hyper-specific sales sequences

Email automation for creators allows you to be very selective about who gets your promotional emails for a premium product. For instance, you likely do not want to send sales emails to subscribers who have already bought the product in question. You may also send distinct launch emails to clients who have already bought from you vs those who are not yet customers.

Chris Ferdinandi, the developer of Go Make Things, initiates a sales sequence using tags to advertise his quarterly live class. He just had to set up the funnel once and spends only a few minutes each quarter running the promotion.

Chris utilizes email automation for creators to allow subscribers to opt out of the current sales cycle while remaining on the email list. In addition, individuals who have finished a workshop get distinct sequences with further advice on how to maximize what they have learned.

6. Follow up with those who saw your goods but did not buy them.

When recipients read emails and click on certain links, such as a sales page, they indicate curiosity and/or interest in the goods you’re marketing (and, from a wider perspective, the topic that the product covers).

You may transform these signals into email automation for creators’ triggers and decision points. For instance, if you are promoting two levels of a subscription, those who click on the various tiers might get separate emails in the next few days and weeks.

6 Great Examples of Email Automation for Creators | The Entrepreneur Review

ConvertKit enables you to monitor every subscriber who has shown interest in your offering and immediately add them to a follow-up sequence. You may, of course, prevent purchasers from receiving these follow-up emails and instead send them welcome emails for the product.

This is precisely how Justin Moore launches a live cohort of his Brand Deal Wizard course. As soon as he began customizing the experience of interested course members, his sales and income tripled, bringing him $40,000 for an early 2022 cohort.

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