5 Best Practices To Create Attractive Landing Pages

6 Best Practices to create attractive Landing Pages | The Entrepreneur Review

While you navigate and surf your way across the internet, you will often visit different landing sites. When you click on an advertisement, you may be routed to a specific website that has been designated as a “landing page.” Practices To Create Attractive Landing Pages is the most important factor when you are creating your website.

It is also possible for this page to function as the website’s homepage or to be the page that appears after a call-to-action button. Regardless of how you “landed” on a landing page, its primary objective is to persuade you to become a lead or client of the company. Because of this, landing pages are very potent components of the digital marketing approach used by an organization.

What is a landing page?

Create Attractive Landing Page is a page on a website that has been designed with a particular goal in mind. In this case, the goal of the landing page is to convert visitors into leads. While there are many different kinds of landing pages, the goal of each one is the same: to get more leads. Landing pages often include lead forms, which are designed to persuade site users to provide their contact information in return for something of value, also known as an offer.

6 Best Practices to create attractive Landing Pages | The Entrepreneur Review

Now, give some thought to how well you guard the privacy of your personal information. Why would someone want to hand up their contact information to a stranger over the internet?

So, here is the best Practices To Create Attractive Landing Pages come into play. Almost everyone will provide their information if they are sent to a landing page that has been well designed, has been carefully produced, and has a good structure and language.

Here are 5 Best Practices to create attractive Landing Pages;

1. Write a headline that emphasizes a particular advantage.

At least seven out of every ten individuals who view your landing page will immediately leave the page without taking any action. Your visitors need to know (and comprehend) what’s in it for them within the first few seconds of landing at your site to keep that number to a minimum.

As it is the first thing that people will read, the value of Practices To Create Attractive Landing Pages and offer should be communicated in a manner that is both obvious and succinct in your headline.

2. Choose an illustration to use that corresponds to the offer.

Yeah, you are required to have an image, and it should be representative of the audience you are trying to reach. Your picture should represent how your visitor will feel after they have received your offer since this is its objective; it should express the emotion that they will experience as a result of receiving your offer. You should always split-test your selections since certain photos may perform better than others. We will go through how to do this further down in this section.

3. Create an intriguing copy.

When it comes to the words that will truly sell your call-to-action, you don’t want to waste all of that effort developing the perfect headline and finding your ideal picture, just to come up empty when it comes to those words. Your writing has to be understandable and to the point, and it should lead the reader in the direction of the action you would want them to do.

6 Best Practices to create attractive Landing Pages | The Entrepreneur Review

In addition, compelling writing addresses the reader by name, addressing them as “you” and “your” to foster a sense of participation on their part. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss copy suggestions in more detail.

4. Place the lead form above the fold of the publication.

If your prospect wants to convert straight away, your lead form has to be easily accessible . You don’t want them looking and scanning your landing page to discover your offer, so make sure it’s easy to find. The phrase “above the fold” simply refers to the fact that site users do not need to scroll to access the form; in other words, the form is visible as soon as someone loads the page.

This may be a form, or it might be an anchor link that leads to the form. Better still, design your form such that it scrolls down the page with the user as they progress down the page. Place the lead form above the fold of the publication is an important factor in practices to create attractive landing pages.

5. Provide a call to action that is distinct and easy to understand.

Practices To Create Attractive Landing Pages, the call-to-action button (also known as the CTA) is one of many features that work together to increase the likelihood of a conversion taking place. Since the button for the CTA has to stand out, you should choose a color for it that is different from the colors used for the other components on the page.

It is important to make it crystal obvious to visitors what you want them to do; to achieve this, you should employ an action verb that explains it to them, such as “submit,” “download,” or “get it now.” More on the best practices recommended by the CTA is below.

6. Make an offer that is pertinent to the situation.

Imagine that your lead is making their way to your final offer, which may be a product or service, and that Practices To Create Attractive Landing Pages is a stop along the way. The item that you supply to your lead in return for their personal information is known as your offer.

6 Best Practices to create attractive Landing Pages | The Entrepreneur Review

Not only should it be interesting enough to convince your visitor to give you their contact information, but it should also be pertinent to the work that your company does. Let’s say you run a horseshoeing business.

Since in the end, you are going to ask that lead to purchase your horseshoes, your offer may be something along the lines of “10 Easy Ways to Measure Your Horse’s Hooves.” You wouldn’t be able to lure them with an offer about organic farming since doing so would set them on an entirely new route. After this, we’ll go into more detail about how enticing the offers are.

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