Samsung: The Electronic Giant is Considering Moving to Bing as its Default Search Engine, Leaves Google in Shock

Samsung: The Electronic Giant is Considering Moving to Bing as its Default Search Engine, Leaves Google in Shock | The Entrepreneur Review

The AI tools launched by various giants are gaining much more traction recently. After Bing successfully launched its ChatGPT-powered search engine, Google is having a tough time coping with it. Things have heated up as now even Samsung, the electronic giant is considering moving its default search engine from Google to Bing on its smartphones.

Naturally, Google is now making its way to introduce and also update its existing search engine with new AI features. This new venture will reportedly be called Project ‘Magi’. The new features are said to provide users with a much more personalized experience as opposed to its current service offerings.

For Project ‘Magi’, Google currently has over 160 designers, engineers, executives, and other staff working. Just recently, the employees were invited for a test run of Google’s ‘Magi’ AI on its existing search engine. The AI is reported to be launched in May 2023, which also sounds something like I/O 2023. Although, this launch will see Magi with a limited set of features, with other features launching this fall.

The sudden early launch of Project ‘Magi’ comes after Samsung’s decision hovering over replacing Google with Bing on its smartphones. Reportedly, Samsung is currently in its negotiation stages with Microsoft to make Bing the default search engine on Galaxy devices. This also includes Android-based smartphones and tablets.

Google strongly believes that Samsung giving preference for Microsoft Bing being its default search engine for Galaxy devices is pure because of the AI features it is offering. Although, this situation has put Google into a ‘panic’ mode.

Samsung Considers Replacing Google With Microsoft’s Bing as Devices’ Default Search Engine

This is the reason why Google is working hard on bringing Magi AI to its search engine so that it can also offer a counter-pitch of its own to Microsoft. Reports say chances are that Samsung might actually skip Microsoft’s offer for Google, but only if Google is ready to bring something more to the table.

The launch of Google’s Magi will initially only be in the US, with a maximum of 1 million users to start with. By the end of the year, Google is said to expand this to over 30 million users.

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