5 Best Automation Examples for Podcasters

5 Best Automation for Podcasters | The Entrepreneur Review

Before discussing your possibilities for using email Automation for Podcasters, let’s establish a ground rule. You do not need to begin with an automation approach on par with Rube Goldberg.

Yes, email sequences and Automation for Podcasters can be created throughout the full client journey. Additionally, you may play with a number of intriguing customizing techniques. However, I don’t want you to be overwhelmed by possibilities. You may begin with a single automation, get confidence with it, and then expand.

The good news is that automation templates exist for each of the series we’re going to discuss. This implies that ConvertKit authors can build up podcast newsletter Automations with little effort. You may use the list below as a checklist, since it is arranged approximately from easiest to more complex.

Spending a few minutes now to automate your company processes can help you even when you’re not actively working on it.

Here are 5 Best Automation for Podcasters;

1. Welcoming New Subscribers

5 Best Automation for Podcasters | The Entrepreneur Review

The greatest spot to begin Automation for Podcasters is the emails with the welcome email. These messages are sent to new subscribers as soon as they sign up for your newsletter. They allow you to introduce popular material, remind them when new episodes are available, and promote your other social channels.

When someone subscribes to the Assembly Call newsletter, for instance, the initial welcome email includes a reminder to subscribe to their live broadcasts and podcasts.

2. Launch a New Podcast

You’ve worked hard to develop your email list; now you can utilize it as a route for content delivery. Notify your subscribers whenever you publish a new podcast episode. If you have an upcoming podcast, you may utilize email Automation for Podcasters to generate anticipation.

Consider again the gardening and cookery podcast example. The introduction of a new podcast miniseries might be bolstered by email automation. You might create a new landing page and distribute the content to everyone who has been identified as being interested in the subject.

Your sequence may introduce the podcast before to its release, provide a link once the podcast is available, and then follow up with subscribers depending on whether they listened. These podcast email automations allow you to scale the delivery of customised experiences (without managing follow-ups yourself).

3. Promote your Premium Podcast

5 Best Automation for Podcasters | The Entrepreneur Review

Do you have a community or paid podcast? You better believe that you can pitch and deliver your recurring product using email automation. You may begin the series by sending a sample episode or promotional email to those who have been identified as podcast listeners.

If a listener chooses to subscribe to your premium podcast, your automated will send the special material. You may follow up with them or add them back to your usual mailing if they do not purchase.

4. Promote Evergreen Content

Once a new subscriber has been welcomed into your group, you can begin sharing evergreen material.

Your content marketing opportunities are limited only by your creativity. After someone opens a certain link in an email, you might set up a triggered email to promote a premium course or share your most popular episode on a particular subject.

Imagine you broadcast a podcast on gardening and food, for instance. Adding link triggers to episodes across categories allows you to segment listeners based on their own interests. Suppose someone clicks a link to your favorite jam recipes episode. In this situation, you may label them as “food preservation enthusiasts.” You may then initiate a pitch sequence to present your canning cookbook after they have been marked.

5. Expansion of your Audience via a Referral Scheme

Want to hear something interesting? Your existing subscribers can help you build your email list. Setting up a referral scheme for your email newsletter allows you to motivate existing subscribers to share your material with their friends. Your subscribers get free items for sharing, and you acquire other subscribers. Win-win.

5 Best Automation for Podcasters | The Entrepreneur Review

If you want to develop your podcast, the Automation for Podcasters by which you may provide early access or unique material to listeners who spread the word about your program. A person must be on your list for at least a couple weeks before you approach them about the referral program. Then, if they suggest a friend, the new subscriber will begin your automatic welcome series from the beginning. It is similar to a large circle of podcast expansion and interaction.

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