How is Adidas Turning Ocean Plastic to Fashion?

How is Adidas Turning Ocean Plastic to fashion?| Best ideas 2023 | The Entrepreneur Review

As part of development, most of the other organizations are responsible for creating waste which is affecting the environment badly. However, Adidas is taking serious efforts in recycling ocean waste and using it to build its products as a commitment to sustainable development. Let us dive into the story of the unique efforts taken by Adidas Turning Ocean Plastic to fashion. This could be the best example for upcoming as well as current industries to learn from Adidas and frame such policies to protect the environment. It is our common responsibility and we are supposed to be accountable for our actions when it comes to the environment.

Here’s how is Adidas turning ocean plastic into fashion.

Every year, Adidas manufactures more than 400 million different pairs of footwear. Producing that number of pairs of shoes demands a significant amount of resources. However, continuously producing new materials is not good for the health of the ecosystem. As a result, Adidas is looking elsewhere for its supply & Adidas is Turning Ocean Plastic into fashion.

The predictions of the experts indicate that within the next 30 years, there will be more plastic than fish in our seas. According to the findings of one research, over 90 percent of seabirds have been found to have swallowed some kind of plastic garbage. All of the pollutions that is seen on beaches and in the water is bad for both marine life and the people who live there.

How is Adidas Turning Ocean Plastic to fashion?| Best ideas 2023 | The Entrepreneur Review

Therefore, Adidas Turning Ocean Plastic to fashion & is attempting to prevent some of that plastic from entering the water before it does so. In the year 2015, Adidas entered into a partnership with the nonprofit environmental group Parley for the Oceans. What is it that they want? to recycle the waste from aquatic environments into athletic gear. In addition to this, they’ve made a lot of headway.

By the end of 2019, Adidas Turning Ocean Plastic to fashion & plans to have manufactured 11 million pairs of shoes using recovered ocean plastic. That’s more than twice as much as it brought in last year. According to Adidas, the cooperation has been responsible for preventing 2,810 tons of trash from entering the water. But tell me, how are these shoes constructed?

The beach is where everything kicks off. The garbage that accumulates in coastal locations, such as the Maldives, is collected by Parley and its partners. After that, the garbage is separated, and the plastic that may be reused is sent to an Adidas processing factory, and then Adidas Turning Ocean Plastic to fashion. The plastic bottles used by Adidas are made of PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate. And what if it’s something that Adidas just can’t make use of, like rings and caps? These items are sent to the appropriate recycling centers.

How is Adidas Turning Ocean Plastic to fashion?| Best ideas 2023 | The Entrepreneur Review

After being crushed, washed, and dehydrated at the processing facility, the trash is reduced to the form of very minute flakes of plastic. After being heated, dried, and cooled, the flakes are further chopped up into little resin pellets. The typical starting material for polyester production is petroleum. However, Adidas melts these pellets to make a filament, and then the filament is spun into what they call Ocean Plastic, which is a kind of polyester yarn.

Ocean Plastic is used by Adidas in the production of the top portions of footwear and apparel, such as jerseys. Each piece in the Parley series is created with at least 75% marine debris that was reclaimed from the ocean. In addition, they continue to maintain the same levels of performance and comfort as Adidas’ other footwear. Recycled polyester has a lower water and chemical footprint, and it contributes to the fight against pollution caused by plastic.

By the year 2024, Adidas intends to have completely replaced all virgin polyester with recycled polyester. More than forty percent of Adidas’s gear is now made using recycled polyester. It’s possible that you’ve been wearing recycled Adidas gear without even realizing it and nowadays Adidas Turning Ocean Plastic to fashion. Ocean Plastic has been utilized to make clothing that has been worn in a variety of sporting events, including college football, baseball, the National Hockey League, the Australian Open, and more.

However, this does not completely get rid of the problem of plastic pollution. Microfibers may be produced from polyester clothing when it is washed, and some of these microfibers may find their way into the water. Customers should wash their items less often, in cold water, and with the machine completely full, according to Adidas’s recommendations through Adidas Turning Ocean Plastic to Fashion.

But this is just the beginning of the process. In addition, Adidas is working on a sneaker dubbed the Futurecraft Loop that is made entirely of recyclable materials. This shoe is designed to be resoled several times. Because it is possible to send it back and have it disassembled to make a whole new pair. It is anticipated that the Futurecraft Loop would be accessible in the year 2021.

How is Adidas Turning Ocean Plastic to fashion?| Best ideas 2023 | The Entrepreneur Review

Adidas is employing easily accessible materials to develop new items with the assistance of the nonprofit organization Parley for the Oceans and then Adidas Turning Ocean Plastic to fashion. Which is a significant step towards a future that is sustainable.


Lastly, Adidas is just a case study for other organizations to learn from however it involved a huge workforce and a long vision behind it. There are other companies who are working towards protecting the environment and our planet. We hope you found our blog helpful to know how a corporate world can lead to sustainable development.

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