12 Fresh Ideas for Networking

12 Fresh Ideas for Networking

After graduating from college, I spent the first decade of my working life in the trenches of a professional services organization. Almost all of my time was devoted to going out and helping our customers. For the first six years of my career, I served as an advisor to clients of private equity funds.

I showed up to a classic networking event, where I was probably one of just a handful of women and almost definitely one of the youngest by many years. Once upon a time, I’d remark to my father that attending these functions was like spending time with a large group of his friends. Nothing about it seems appealing to a woman in her thirties by the help of I got to know about the Ideas for Networking .

Not all business or Ideas for Networking gatherings have this vibe, however. However, I stopped going since the vast majority of them made me feel out of place, uneasy, and unqualified. After having kids, I lost interest in going to these things. Having to spend even more time apart from my family during the evenings was difficult. Instead of attempting to blend in with a group where I would constantly be an odd duck, I thought there must be a more efficient approach to expand my professional network.

Going green, shopping with more consideration, and supporting firms with better supply chain management are all ways to live more sustainably. However, on a more macro level, sustainable living means engaging in rituals or routines that do not drain us to the point that we are unable to maintain them.

Especially as parents, it’s not realistic to pack our schedules with unenjoyable drinking and dining commitments (if, in fact, they are unenjoyable). So, I thought I’d compile a list of “Ideas for Networking” possibilities that, in my opinion, provide more convenience and value to parents than the typical evening parties many people attend.

Here are 12 Fresh Ideas for Networking;

1. Join groups where people in your age range congregate for Ideas for Networking purposes.

Groom Yourself with the Ideas for Networking , Many fields have subsets that organize conferences aimed squarely towards the younger members of their profession’s community. The atmosphere and offerings are often geared at younger people. Even more crucial, everyone in the room will be at a similar level of seniority and experience.

12 Fresh Ideas for Networking | The Entrepreneur Review

A CEO isn’t likely to make an effort to get to know an entry-level worker. However, a professional connection between two peers is beneficial for both parties since, in a few years, when both have more clout, they will be excellent contacts and reference sources for each other. Meeting others who share one’s interests and aspirations might make it easier to fit social activities into one’s hectic schedule as a new parent, and that’s exactly what these groups aim to do.

2. Host a social event for charity.

Keep Reading To Get Ideas for Networking , A chili cook-off is a fantastic example of such a competition. Even if it’s not chili, see if you can get your network together for a friendly competition to benefit a worthy cause. Acknowledge that many participants will bring their greatest dishes and charge them accordingly. Your chosen charity will profit from the event’s revenues, and so will its attendees.

3. Gather up a team to run a 5k together.

Recruit a group from the office, and if you’re fortunate, your employer will chip in to cover the costs. Better better, have everyone bring a few of their own professional acquaintances outside of the organization and add some coworkers. Everyone has an opportunity to meet new individuals and contribute to the community by sharing some of their own Ideas for Networking. The likelihood of the employer footing the bill increases if you plan to invite clients or potential customers.

As an alternative, you might ask coworkers to bring their families and turn the occasion into a social gathering for everyone to meet. Kids may join in on the excitement at one of the many charity walks or races.

4. Hold a lecture for your clientele and invite them to participate.

Not everyone has clients or customers, but many do. In certain cases, the connection with those customers may be owned by your employer or your boss’s boss. Customers and potential customers might profit from your business if you provide a training session, networking mixer, or other professional development event.

The success of such an event will benefit not only the organizer, but also the sponsoring employer (your firm) and your supervisor, who will be able to invite his or her own Ideas for Networking of connections.

5. Organize an after work company sports team.

Participating in a softball, basketball, or kickball league with business teams usually isn’t that costly in the big scheme of a company’s budget. Many businesses decide to back a team not only to raise their company’s profile in the community, but also to boost morale among workers. Create a team to compete in friendly business tournaments of your preferred sport.

Team members will not only enjoy the games but also the chance to network with others in the firm, much like the benefits of the charity event described above. Many young people like attending sporting events with their parents, so encourage your partner to bring the kids and get more Ideas for Networking.

6. Organize a volunteer event for your co-workers.

Volunteer days are held at many businesses on a regular basis, giving workers the opportunity to engage in service to their communities throughout the course of their typical workday. Even if this is something that your firm currently does, you should think about taking charge of one of the events. Be there at least as a bare minimum and grab the opportunity to boost yourself more on Ideas for Networking.

While it’s true that we all spend a lot of time with our coworkers in the workplace, spending time with them outside of work allows us to get to know them in a more natural, unstructured setting. You should strive to arrange such a day if your organization doesn’t currently have one. It could be more difficult, but it might also be better for your personal brand’s development in the long run.

7. Teach a training class.

12 Fresh Ideas for Networking | The Entrepreneur Review

If you have the time and interest, consider offering a class to your employees (or simply a group of friends) on a topic related to your job. You may also build credibility by establishing yourself as an authority in your field; as a result, people will look to you for guidance in the future. As the teacher and the resource, you will have several opportunities to interact with your connections, all of which will take place during business hours, making this a great Ideas for Networking opportunity.

8. Coordinate group golf lessons.

I was guilty of this myself a few years ago. I organized a six-week series of beginner golf instruction for five of my coworkers, customers, and other professional contacts. We had a great time and got to know each other better as a group of six; the others also recognized my efforts in organizing this.

We used our “networking time” to do something that would help us in the long run, both professionally and personally, such as improve our golf skills, which is a valuable skill in many corporate fields.

9. Organize a trip to a fashion show in your area and invite your friends.

A few years ago, I organized a group of my employees, customers, and other people in our business network to attend a fashion show hosted by the local arts institution. The response was overwhelmingly positive. We had a quick happy hour at a pub before the concert and really enjoyed ourselves.

It’s easy to picture a room full of accountants and bankers at a fashion show as appearing, well, odd. Since the event was free of charge, I didn’t need approval from my employer, and many people urged me to plan a repeat performance for the following year.

10. Organize the company holiday party (or any company party).

You not only get to plan an activity that you know you will like, but you also get praise for organizing a successful party. There are “fun committees” in our firm. You may formalize your participation by joining a group whose members are responsible for planning events in various areas. It’s up to you to host the party if your firm doesn’t have a formal event committee.

11. Let’s get together for some breakfast.

Meeting together for breakfast is sometimes more convenient than supper since you may assist your partner get the kids ready for school or daycare. As a result of the smaller size of the meals and the fact that both participants likely have other obligations first thing in the morning, the meeting may be condensed into a shorter time frame.

The fact that you (probably) won’t be drinking alcohol at breakfast will also contribute to the effectiveness and productivity of the conversation that leads to exchange some more Ideas for Networking.

12. Grab coffee, tea or lunch so you can meet during standard business hours.

Having a meeting in the middle of the day is a terrific method to meet someone in person without having to devote too much of your time to the interaction. Meeting for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate (for the rest of us) is more casual and affordable than going out to lunch or supper.

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